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I'm looking for a little box which flips/mirrors an HDMI feed, or an LCD monitor which does the same

I'm preparing a little remote monitoring station for a distant video camera. The monitor is connected to the camera using HDMI. The problem is that my camera looks through a mirror, so without any processing, the image is reversed. Is there a little electronics box which can flip an incoming HDMI stream and send it out a new cable? Otherwise is there an LCD monitor / TV (>20") that has mirror/flip built in? My Google-Fu is weak here.
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Visual effects boxes exist, but they aren't cheap. Like, five figures not cheap.

Assuming the HDMI isn't encrypted (using HDCP), you could run the feed into a computer and use OpenGL to flip it in something approximating real time. Probably.

But, now you're talking about running a gaming-class, with the GPU/CPU at maximum usage 24/7. This sounds expensive and error-prone to me.

So, I'd say, no, such a thing is unlikely to exist for a high-def digital link.
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Place the monitor near a mirror so the image is back to normal. Shouldn't be too hard.
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Probably not since it's connected by HDMI, but is the camera a security camera or webcam? Many security cameras (& a few webcams) have internal switches or firmware settings to flip &/or mirror the video, for cases where the camera must be mounted upside-down or looking into a mirror.
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Many projectors provide an inverted setting meant for rear projection systems (where the projector fires at the back side of a translucent screen.) Alternatively, you can fire a standard projector at an angled mirror to fold the image back to the correct orientation.

You could also remount your camera to face the area you're trying to view.
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If inputting the video feed into a computer is an option and the computer has an Nvidia card, the drivers have an feature called NVKeystone that can flip the video for you. It shouldn't require a gaming-class GPU.
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I'll bet Pinback has it. It would be much more common to have a switch in the camera for this rather than everybody who mounts upside-down to have to buy a separate box.
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Response by poster: Heh. A mirror in front of the TV is a cheap option for sure, but it's a little too hokey for this application. And 5 figures for an effects box is unfortunate - I was hoping for three or low fours.

The computer option sounds interesting. Is there a (reasonably priced) graphics card out there with an hdmi input?

The camera is a Canon 5d mk ii. As far as I know there isn't a mirror/flip switch, unless the firmware has been hacked or something.
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Looks like it's called "picture flip" by some TV manufacturers:

"The Picture Flip feature offers a Normal image, Mirror image, Rotated image, or an Upside Down image."
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Response by poster: Unfortunately repositioning the camera is not feasible. The pivoting mirror is integral to this particular setup (without it, the camera would be damaged). I thought about arranging two mirrors before the camera, but that's not terribly easy either.
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Response by poster: Bam, thanks suedehead. I was turning up nothing with the keyword "mirror". Unfortunately the TV you linked to seems to be out of production. Sharp doesn't mention anything about "picture flip" on their website. They might have abandoned this feature. So close!
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Looks like there are some other ones still being sold:
Google Shopping results for "sharp tv picture flip".
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Response by poster: I found this inverter box / card for dvi signals. I'm hoping it will work with an HDMI -> DVI adaptor. The price is right anyway:
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Response by poster: Sorry, let me link that properly:

There's also this, but I can't find a retailer:
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HDMI = DVI + Audio, so you're probably safe going down that road.
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