Fat Chance bottom brackets
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LongshotFilter: Anyone know anything about removal and replacement of the old-style, press-fit sealed-bearing bottom brackets installed in the Wicked and Yo Eddy Fat Chance mountain bike frames by Fat City Cycles in the late 1980s-mid 1990s?

fwiw, i scored a rough but solid mid-90s Wicked the other day and i would like to get it stripped and powder-coated but i've never had to deal with this kinda BB before... even the old-timer at my local shop's inexperienced as far as getting this part out and putting it back in goes.
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IINABM but I've played one in a past life.

I seem to recall removing press-fit bearings of that sort by using a punch. There are also specialty tools for this job, but if you don't plan to reuse the bearings (and if you're reasonably careful to not damage the bracket), they're unnecessary.

Installation is just press-fit. Nothing special about that.
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I've got a late 80's Wicked Fat, you need a special tool for the BB. I did all my other work myself, but took it to a bike store that I knew had the tool (which as I recall was Fat specific) for the BB work. I would call Fat Chance and ask them if they know stores in your area with the tool or anything.
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Fat Chance owners call out. No help here (sorry) but I still ride my late 80's Fat City to this day.
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Best answer: You might ask this question over at rec.bicycles.tech which has a large population of knowledgeable bicycle mechanics. Ask there and you are virtually assured of getting a good answer. It sounds like you may need a specific tool according to OmieWise, but the r.b.t. crowd will know for sure.
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