LGBT scene in the Twin Cities for a woman in her 30s
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Woman in early 30s coming out as a lesbian for the first time in the Twin Cities. What's the city LGBT scene like? (Asking for a friend.)

I have a female friend (I swear it's not me!) who's coming out as a lesbian for the time. She's in her early 30s. She lives in the Twin Cities, and has 1 or 2 gay friends, but none she feels comfortable talking with about this. She doesn't need help with the coming out process, but she's wondering a couple of things...

a) What's the LGBT community like in the Twin Cities? Inclusive/exclusive?

b) Where are the LGBT hang-outs/bars/clubs? She's a fairly social person, but has frequented the same bars over the last few years she's been here.

c) Any local support groups for late-in-life coming out?

She's had only straight relationships so far, but due to a very conservative upbringing, is a late-bloomer to this (though she's know/suspected she was gay her whole life).

Appreciate any help you can throw her way about the Twin Cities LGBT scene. Anonymous because her co-workers and a few family members don't know yet.
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This may be a place to start: Lavender Magazine.
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I don't have anything specific to recommend, but I have a mid-20s (but pretty mature) lesbian friend who is fairly active in the scene up there. She's pretty easygoing, and all of the places/things I see her posting on her Facebook status look like the kind of fun things that I wouldn't mind doing myself (as a straight ally, if I were in town). Perhaps that might be helpful.

I'm happy to get them together to hang out, or to check with her for some tips. She's low-key but friendly, and she works in the tech industry. She also comes from a slightly more conservative background (Latina, Catholic, semi-rural), so maybe they might have some more stuff in common.

Feel free to MeMail me :)
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Hmm. What's a good answer to this question depends on a lot of other things about your friend besides just her newly-out status, I think. Is she in school? Working? A workplace where she can be out, or not so much? Activisty? Arty? The bars she goes to: which ones? Where in the cities is she? (Protip: highest concentration of queer ladies in these parts is probably the Powderhorn Park neighborhood.) I guess my point here is that there isn't just one scene; there are several that overlap, but can be disparate.

Is she on OkCupid? For dating if she's into that, but also for finding other recently out people to talk to.

Bars... ehhhhhhh. I am aware of a bar which apparently has drag king shows sometimes, but have never been. I'm pretty sure most others are dude-centric. There was once an awesome inclusive queer bar in South Mpls, but that's no help; it is sadly defunct. If this question had been posted a couple years ago I would totally be recommending she check out Amazon Bookstore Cooperative, for book groups and other social stuff, but it is under new ownership now and I haven't been there since. Might be worth a shot anyway: its new name is True Colors.
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I know of many "very out" lesbians who are profs in the graduate school I went to and who have very public human service jobs and academic posts in the cities. I don't know where they hang out or how they feel but it seems like they are all out, comfortable and professionally successful. I'm not saying "wow, look! successfull lesbians!" but rather trying to reassure your friend that it's possible to be as out as she wants to be and still be respected and safe. The twin cities is very gay friendly as far as I know; I hope your friend finds the support she needs to feel comfortable.
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a) Inclusive

b) The Dish lists events like salsa at Bar Abilene in Uptown (there's one venue)
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