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LongshotFilter: Does anyone have any recommendations for mental health resources in Syria?

I met a friend while traveling through Aleppo, Syria this past summer that I got to know pretty well, but since I've returned to the states she's been increasingly depressed, suffering from panic attacks and has talked with some frequency about suicide. She also drinks a lot. I'm worried.

She's 23, recently graduated from college and in an unemployment limbo, living with her strict (christian) parents in what is of course a very strict country with poor options for mental health care. Google didn't turn up much of anything in English.

Having gone through some similar things, I credit very supportive friends and family for talking me through things and teaching me some very valuable coping skills. I do what I can for her, but I'm too far away and the time difference makes communication difficult.

Anyway, any leads would be greatly appreciated.
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I have met two psychiatrists here in the US who trained at the Aleppo University's medical school--might their psychiatry/clinical psychology faculty be a reasonable place to start?
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