Who have I sent Facebook friend requests to?
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Facebook question: Is there a way to see a list of all of the "friend requests" that you have sent that are still pending?

I was surprised the other day when I saw a status update from a high school classmate show up on my Facebook Newsfeed. I was fairly sure I was not friends with him because I recently created a list of all my Facebook friends from high school. I clicked through and found "Awaiting Friend Confirmation" next to his name. I think I sent the request more than a year ago. I deleted the request, but that made me wonder how many old requests are hanging out there.

I think these pending requests used to show up in your full friends lists, but I just looked at that and didn't see any.
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You did used to be able to do this, but apparently "there's currently no place on the site where you can see all your sent pending requests."
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I looked this up a while ago after leaving myself logged in and trying to do damage control, and no, you can't view them. From the FAQ:
There's currently no place on the site where you can see all your sent pending requests. However, if you go to someone's profile you can tell your friend status based on the following.

* If you see "Add as Friend," then you don't have a friend request pending.
* If you see "Awaiting friend confirmation," you'll know that you've sent a request that hasn't yet been confirmed
* If you see the "Remove friend" link, you'll know you've both confirmed your friendship.
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I use this app to track people who have deleted me. It also lists my pending Friend requests. I'm pretty sure it's a greasemonkey script or something like that, but it works!

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Unless this changed very recently, there is a better way than the FAQ lists. I currently have no holdouts, so I can't really verify it, but here goes:

Go to Home.

On the left, click Friends

Click the Edit Friends button at top

In the drop down menu (may say "Recent") select All Friends

In this list, it should show any Pending friends in with your current friends.
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Yes, but you'll need a browser you can install GreaseMonkey Add-On to a compatible browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and then install this GreaseMonkey script: Unfriend Finder. This script shows you pending requests along with who has unfriended you.

If you have no clue what any of this is, here's the tl;dr:
Greasemonkey is an add-on for modern browsers that allows you to run additional JavaScript on sites that you select. This way you can show/hide elements and add features that do not exist on the site. Facebook has many scripts, as does Reddit and Metafilter.
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Skypieces, that is how I have done it in the past. Those pending folks no longer appear on "All Friends"
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