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How can I print and cut out 50 small round photographs to attach to bookmarks?

I'm making bookmarks for Christmas presents. I want to make hang tags that will attach to the bookmarks with ball chain. I want the tags to be a color photo about 1.5" in diameter. So I need about 50 small copies of the same photograph, ideally printed on photo paper for sturdiness (they will eventually be laminated too). Then I need them to be cut out, preferably by a machine rather than by my hand. It would be nice if at the same time I could have 50 paper circles of the same diameter cut to use as backing for the photos. Do you have any idea how this might be possible? Do I need to just create a document of my photos and take it to Kinkos?
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Sounds like you need a circle cutter. Something like this.
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You can buy circle cutters in craft stores. They're just large hole-punchers. I've seen them as large as 3 inches diameter. They're usually kept with the scrapbook supplies. Mine cost around $13 USD.
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Do you have access to scrapbook supplies, perhaps via a friend who does scrapbooking? There are circle punches which would fit your need perfectly but they are too pricey to consider for a one time use I think. 1.5 inch is a common punch size, as are larger and smaller sized ones. As for the printing itself, I would do it via my own home printer on heavy photo paper but I have design experience so this is a simple task for me. Any copy shop can easily print out the photos for you on the paper you desire for pretty cheap.
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I would do the cutting last, since laminating, attaching backing paper, etc. will be extremely fiddly and hard to align with small circles. Lay out a 4x6 photo-sized image with a bunch of copies of your photo, order prints from Walmart or wherever, glue on backing paper, laminate, then cut. Any of the punches people have mentioned here should be fine. If you're thinking of using backing paper for sturdiness, it may not be necessary - at work we print ID cards on pretty lightweight paper (lighter than photo paper) then just laminate with a heavy gauge plastic and they're plenty sturdy.

Laying out the images is the only tricky part, and it's really not that tough - if you need a hand drop me a memail and I can help you with it.
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A circle cutter would work, but it'll be slow and kind of fiddly for something this small. I'd use a circle punch instead.
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Thanks everyone. I didn't even know that these tools existed, and they're exactly what I need. I might just get the circle punch from amazon that adamrice linked. Luckily it's a cheap enough project that I can probably afford to spend the $12. And I might contact you pocams for help with the layout - I'm pretty clueless that that kind of thing. Thank you all so much!
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Lay out a 4x6 photo-sized image with a bunch of copies of your photo, order prints from Walmart or wherever, glue on backing paper, laminate, then cut.

I would advise against doing this, especially if these are going to be gift tags. If you laminate an entire sheet of paper and then cut it out, the edges of the paper and lamination will start peeling and could peel apart. If you cut the circles out, glue/otherwise attach the pictures to them, laminate the entire thing, and then cut those laminations apart, you won't have that problem. It happens because the two plastic sides of the lamination can't properly seal when you laminate an entire sheet of paper and then cut the laminated circles out.

You could also use contact paper to "laminate" them, but it will be a little more fiddly to work with and the edges may not seal as well as lamination.
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just a note: you'll need two different sized circle cutters if you cut your photo and then laminate (with an edge to seal). And then you'll want to line them up just right.
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kro is right. Lamination depends on the seal around the edges. So you are either buying two circle punches or trimming the laminate by hand. You might want to call Kinko's or a quick printer to see if they have circle punches for at least one of the sizes.
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Those talking about different sizes: the linked Amazon cutter that the OP was interested cuts adjustably from 1 to 8 cm. So that's covered (assuming you go with that one).
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