Let's go inside and turn on all the lights
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Help me locate the Calvin and Hobbes strip I'm thinking of.

I don't remember the entire strip, but I believe it's a Sunday strip and it involves C&H outside, looking at the stars, and realizing how small they are. At the end, Calvin says something like, "Let's go inside and turn on all the lights."

I'd love to find this strip so I can read it. I actually have the complete Calvin and Hobbes archive at home, so if I know the date of the strip, I can find it. A web link would be helpful too, though. Does anyone remember this strip who can point me in the right direction?
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Best answer: http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/2009/07/11/
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Best answer: http://michaelyingling.com/random/calvin_and_hobbes/

search for: turn on all
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Response by poster: Thank you!

"search for: turn on all"

I had no idea there was a search engine for Calvin and Hobbes strips. This is fantastic.
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How appropriate that you ask this on their 25th anniversary!
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You were remembering a Sunday strip too...searching for "turn up the heat" in mhh5's answer (which is awesome btw!) gets a Sunday strip about the same idea (C&H are in snowy woods, Calvin goes inside and says "Turn on the lights! Turn up the heat!")
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I had no idea there was a search engine for Calvin and Hobbes strips. This is fantastic.

Last time one of these sites was aggregated here/everywhere else, it died almost immediately. It was a very well done site as well. Much sadness followed.

It's worth noting this:

I am a little worried, however, that the popularity of this search engine will ultimately be it's demise if Andrew McMeel Universal (who owns the rights to Calvin & Hobbes) threatens legal action against me. Hopefully I can put ads for the books in the search results, allowing people to buy the books and it will be win-win for everyone, but I can only do that if AMU agrees to it. In that case I may even be able to host the images locally and prevent traffic from crashing them again in the future. Update: Someone at AMU got in touch with me; a C&D was headed my way, but they seem open to finding a better solution, which is AWESOME. You may see some changes here in the next few days/week, but hopefully it will be in the best interest of everyone!

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I have a text file of all the dates and quotes from Calvin and Hobbes if anyone needs an index, I managed to download it from one of the search engine sites before it was pulled.
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