Smart, funny, convincing Bush-supporting/conservative blogs?
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I'm looking for conservative bloggers who are going to make me, a fairly well-entrenched liberal, re-examine my ideas and my own precepts by the weight of their arguments, and yet be an enjoyable read in the process.

I know very little about conservative blogs; I've been an inhabitant of the 'left' half of the blogosphere for a while. I'm hoping Ask MeFi can point me in the right direction.

Above all, I am looking for a blog that is must be very low on vitiriol and foaming at the mouth. The point is that I'm supposed to enjoy reading this blog and want to check it every day, so I'm not going to exactly enjoy being called a traitor and so on. Do not think Ann Coulter, for example. Preferably, the blog would be Bush-supporting — this is not required but is highly preferred, as that's a mindset I can't currently understand.

Extra points for conservative Bush-supporting blogs that are smart, funny, written well, and manage to construct convicing arguments -- those will be pretty much the home runs out of the park.

While I understand that this topic might lend itself to debate within the responses regarding the Bush Administration, that's a discussion that has repeated itself many times elsewhere, and I respectfully suggest
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While not a blog, I have heard good things about Don't Think of an Elephant.
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Besides Coulter, what have you read? I assume you've tried some of the more well-known ones: Instapundit, Power Line, Andrew Sullivan, (selected contributors to) The Corner...
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when I was teaching a course on media & culture, I found Tacticus to be less gag-worthy than many...
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Obsidian Wings is a group blog with a deliberately chosen range of posters, ranging from left to right. There's good discussion in the comments, with civility being enforced fairly stringently. I'm unimpressed with their newest far-right poster, Charles Bird, but they have a couple of other right-leaning posters who can construct a well-reasoned argument.
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Volokh Conspiracy
Well reasoned with a legal twist.
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> While not a blog, I have heard good things about Don't Think of an Elephant.

Slight derail, but -- huh?? Don't Think of an Elephant? Not a blog, not conservative, not remotely Bush-supporting (except--oops--inadvertently, as The Nation contributing editor Marc Cooper argues here.)
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I asked a similar question earlier and got a great bunch of responses that would be well worth looking over.
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Following stet's link, my recommendation is to go straight to Asparagirl's post in that thread. Lots of good advice there.
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Daou Report on Salon has links to righty blogs--the excerpts they choose are good, so maybe start there?
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Not a blog, but I always take the chance to plug the people at Commentary magazine. The neocon hub for decades, and the best arguments for conservatism to be found anywhere.
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Not necessarily Bush-supporting, but definitely part of the "right:" I've read a bunch of good articles on the Lew Rockwell group blog/web magazine.
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My favorite right leaning community blog has recently been revived ....
I also like Phil Carter's ... though its more centrist (it's focus is military and defense).
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Try Marginal Revolution. Right-ish, but will definintely help you "re-examine my ideas and my own precepts by the weight of their arguments, and yet be an enjoyable read in the process."
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Thanks, y'all. Great collection to start from. Just wish Tacitus had an XML/RSS feed.
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jfuller, it's a guide to help Progressives think of their issues differently, doing exactly what WCityMike asked for, "re-examine my ideas and my own precepts." Settle down.
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