Gumbo in the UK
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Does the word gumbo have a slang meaning in the UK / London? Specifically, when referring to a person, as in "Hey gumbo..."
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Best answer: As someone who grew up in South-East London, I can honestly say I have never heard the word outside the "American-Southern-Cuisine-Stew" context. However, there seem to be other meanings; unable to provide a geographical origin.
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Are you sure you weren't mishearing "Jumbo"? I've heard that used by older people, particularly as a nickname for larger or smaller people.
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Could it be a reference to the beloved Gumby? Which is a US show but I often use the term gumby when referring to a particular sort of physical ineptitude.
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The other Gumby
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Response by poster: hmm... may it have something to do with the dog in EastEnders mentioned on the wikipedia disambiguation page? I've never seen this show but the context of the remark would lead me to believe it was either a term of endearment or a bit of a playful jab. The person who said it is an East London native.
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My guess is you might be hearing "Hey dumbo". Meaning, "hey, dumbass". I've never heard "gumbo" used in England in any sense other than the usual one.
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When I used to work in a factory in East London a good few years ago we had an in-joke which referred to a character in this movie called Gumbo. Let's just say that he wasn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer. I think the line from the film that we always quoted was "I love you Gumbo". Whether this has made it any further into popular parlance I couldn't say, as I live in Scotland now, but it's certainly a possibilty.
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