When you get the ideas, you get the itinerary. Then when you get the itinerary, then you get the fun.
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Women, alcohol, drugs, cash, gambling, and guns. And questions. WAY LONGER inside.

First off, I want to say that I have been researching this question on metafilter quite a bit. No need to link to previous answers.

So I'm in charge of a Bachelor Party on the weekend of Dec 17-19 in/or around Chicago.

This is my second bachelor party...ever. I always decline...and the first time I went, I felt REALLY out of place.

I normally don't belong in this element, so I need help.

Besides that, the budget is around $12,500 with 25 people. Yes, you read correctly.

Groom is a teetotaler, doesn't want anything to have to do with girls grinding his junk, and does not use drugs. But he understands the importance of alcohol, weed, and hardbodies at a bachelor party; he basically asked me to make this about all his buddies rather than him. The only thing the groom is all about is sports. All sports, all the time, sportscenter, wrigley, soldier field, united center, kane county cougars. Sports sports sports...but that doesn't mean it necessarily HAS to be involved in any way in the weekend's festivities. Its been made clear.

The attendees are crazy about the groom. Some people are flying in just for the bachelor party, and then flying later again for the wedding. Most have said that although they would much rather prefer not to, they would consider the weekend a success even if they went to jail for 48 hours.

That is nuts.

So everyone is willing to help, but before we had too many cooks in the kitchen, I wanted to ask metafilter if they had some good suggestions.

I named the location and date just in case somebody here has specific information that can take advantage of that.

Half-baked ideas that I need help with are:

1. Thinking about renting a house for this sausage fest to happen at from Friday to Sunday. Any helpful ideas there? Whatever happens on the weekend, there should be a house that everyone can "retreat to" or sleep at (yeah, people will sleep on the couch).

2. Between Friday night and Sunday night, going to play paintball somewhere. What do I need to be versed with to do that? The only thing I know about paintball is that:
-you can't play paintball in your yard. you will be arrested.
-when you play on a site, most sites make it mandatory to buy paint from them.
-i dont even know if chicago has good paintball facilities.

3. Buying enough booze to last everyone from friday to sunday. I'm prolly gonna go to Costco...should I be looking to buy beer, liquor, both, what? Can I get a better deal if bulk means "enough to keep 25 guys drunk for 40 hours"? If so, where?

4. Women as objects. Ok. So what do I do here? None of the communal money is going towards someone getting their dick serviced. They want to do that, they can make arrangements on their own. Communal money will go towards legal activities here. I was thinking of getting quite a few strippers...or even 1 stripper per hour for 40 hours or something. Then I thought "What if I could find a dungeon that would lend out its mistresses to beat the shit out of 20-30 dudes?" I'm sure the groom would enjoy seeing that, and it kinda makes me feel less sleazy. Or should I do something else?

5. Chicago gambling is pretty weak. The casinos are nothing compared to Vegas casinos, and most of the people here frequent vegas fairly regularly. Everyone does like poker though. I looked into the "rent a poker setup", and it looks like $1k would cover 10 people playing 4 hours. That roughly works out to each person paying $25 per hour to play poker. Is there a better option, or private room somewhere in chicago that could cater to this better?

6. Ending the Bachelor Party on Sunday with some sports at some awesome sports restaurants. Did I mention sports? What restaurant would work here?

7. I thought about taking a trip to vegas, but that $400/person budget gets blasted as most of the attendees will be from Chicago. I thought about renting some type of charter bus to go somewhere...but I don't know what that something would be. Should I throw this out the window?

8. It will be december, and it is winter...any fun winter activities that a bunch of drunk dudes would enjoy doing?

9. Music. I made a haha joke about having so much money here, we could get NeYo to serenade the groom. I received serious replies saying "He might be out of our budget...but how about crucial conflict, dj assault, or former members of bonethugs" WHAT THE HELL! How do you hire professional musicians? Where do I find them? Do they follow the party around like a pied piper or do they play a set amount of time.

10.Women as non-objects. Would there be any way to hook up this trove of dudes throwing away money looking to get in trouble with a bachelorette party? Is there a "seeking friendship" for groups of 25 dudes looking for 25 women doing the same thing at a bachelorette party. I feel as if that social experiment has not been done outside of the Greek system, and this would be kinda cool. How can I do this? How can I find a group of 25 women who view the men as the men view them?

11. ANY other debauchery or events that can be applied in this situation? Anybody? Anything else?

Thanks to all mefites who read up to here without posting. I really appreciate your input.

I know I'm going to need a lot of help on this, and I don't think thats gonna be a problem. I'm not getting anyone's help right now because I feel responsible for everything and have the time for it. I've seen what happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen...and with 25 cooks, it would be a mess. So I kinda want to have a basic idea of how to fill these hours before I get people involved with specific duties. A LOT of the askme questions were of the "how do I throw the best bachelor party ever with $400 and in 24 hours from now", so I am starting early. No need to say "you should ask other people". Its in the future.

Its a lot of money, and a lot of waste. The groom gave in and allowed this to be a weekend of debauchery. This is the ONE TIME this will happen to him, and thats why people are throwing money like crazy. Help me make it right.

Thanks mefites!
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Best answer: On the alcohol front, my advice would be to purchase a smaller amount of high-quality alcohol as compared with a large amount of cheap alcohol. Dudes will be comparatively less hung-over that way.
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Best answer: Build your own Vegas poker room:

- Rent the house, ideally with a basement or similar room that could function as a poker room.
- Hire a bartender and waitress, and stock a bar.
- Rent the poker materials (chips, table, etc.) and, if possible, a professional dealer.
- Run a tournament (or more than one) with (say) $1000 of the common money as winnings (e.g., $600-1st place/$300-2nd/$100-3rd).

[I should observe that I have no idea about the legality of this in the Chicago area].
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Best answer: Gun-wise, how would you feel about a trip to a firing range rather than paintball? Or, if you're in a rural area, maybe you could do a thing where one guy throws a football, then another guy shoots that football with a rifle.
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Best answer: The only thing the groom is all about is sports.

On Saturday, Dec. 18, the Chicago Bulls host the L.A. Clippers. Get a luxury suite for the group. That's a once-in-a-lifetime event for some people.

On Monday, Dec. 20, the Chicago Bears travel to Minneapolis to take on the Vikings. Monday Night Football. Another once-in-a-lifetime event. Rent a small bus for the trip.
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Best answer: Paintball is a great idea. When my friend got married, there were about 20 people there and we decided to do paintball, and it was the highlight of the trip. Even people who thought it was stupid went nuts for it. The only suggestion I can make is that you try to set up a private group at the paint ball facility. Paint ball places are weird and the last thing you want is a bunch of uber-paintballers just picking you off as you run around. With a group like this, odds are it's the running around like an ass with a gun that's going to make paintball fun now the strategy of simulaited warfare.
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Response by poster: Gun-wise, how would you feel about a trip to a firing range rather than paintball? Or, if you're in a rural area, maybe you could do a thing where one guy throws a football, then another guy shoots that football with a rifle.

Sure, lets use firearms. Any ideas for places, laws, deals? Also...I'm totally not sold on the rural area "thing"; I can see loss of limb/life...and thats always a party stopper.
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Best answer: I think your biggest problem will be trying to book things for that time-period. Everybody's looking to have a holiday party around then, so the sooner you can get on reserving things, the better. I'm not from Chicago, but this one is a universal issue.

You should check about renting a bus or something to take you all around as a group. This obviates any drinking/parking issues. That'll be all on the driver to deal with. Plus, it'll be like summer camp. But with money!

There's a lot of good food in Chicago. You may want to do it up nice on say, Friday night. Get all civilized. Book a room and do private dining for extra exclusivity points. Find a hotel to drink at after. I hear the view (food is $$ but only ok) from Nomi @ the Hyatt is nice. Not sure if this would suit your group though. Also... would probably eat your 400pp budget up a lot.

On Saturday, wake up late. Have a late lunch somewhere. And then - debauchery-time! Sorry, can't help you here. Though trying to find a like-minded group of girls in a bachelorette party would probably be pretty cool. Or find out where bachelorette parties get commonly held and have at it.

Then your thought of ending the weekend off with an afternoon game of some-sort sounds good. It'll also be a chill-ax kind of thing to do as people shift back into work-is-tomorrow mode. Greg Nog's suggestion of a firing range is pretty cool. There's also go karting. These activities are interchangeable with Saturday though.
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*not...as in "not the strategy of simulated warfare."
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Best answer: How about calling casinos (I recommend in Indiana, others may be able to recommend specific ones). Although they are nothing like Vegas, they also cost nothing like Vegas and your dollar will go a long way. Be a high(er) roller. They'll probably go out of their way to help if you make it clear that you're going to be throwing some $$ around, since they'll assume more is coming through general losses at the casino

I'm thinking things like:

- Rent part of their poker room (dealers, tables, etc) for a flat fee or hourly fee
- Negotiate free or heavily discounted drinks as long as you're at the Casino
- Get a bunch of suites for not a lot of money
- Get one of their buses to take you to and from paintball, Chicago, whatever.
- Help you take care of item #4

You might not get all of it, but you should get some of it. Depending on how good a deal you get you can make it your base of operations for the entire weekend, or just Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.

Some general thoughts:

-Don't shift your base of operations often, or at all if possible. It's going to be like herding drunk cats. I'd put your base wherever you expect people to get drunk first and/or most.
-I'd be careful of #10 - it seems like it might mess up the 'it's all about him' vibe.
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Best answer: One thing to remember about paintball: between the exertion and the paint, you will be gross and sweaty at the end. People will need showers.

Last bachelor party w/ paintball I went to we did the paintball (outdoors) first, then went back to the best man's house and cleaned up before heading out for other activities.
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Response by poster: On Saturday, Dec. 18, the Chicago Bulls host the L.A. Clippers. Get a luxury suite for the group. That's a once-in-a-lifetime event for some people.

Thats an awesome idea. I don't think the $15,000+ luxury suites work, but the smaller rental suites with catered food and open bar would be pretty awesome. It would also take up half the budget, so I'm gonna make 100% sure that everyone would be down with this.

The blackhawks play on Sunday as well, and we could get a suite there too...Awesome idea.
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Best answer: If the groom-to-be is a big sports fan, it stands to reason that he is also a fan of spirited competition. Perhaps you could have some kind of ongoing competition throughout the weekend. You wouldn't need more than maybe six event, and most of them would blend into the weekend with ease. With all the boozing you could easily have some kind drinking competition (might I suggest edward fortyhands). If you're going to have a poker tournament, then that's an event right there. If you go to paintball, figure out something to do there. Maybe throw in an eating competition and a feat of strength and you have yourself a pretty silly contest going. With 25 people you just revers score everything (25 points for 1st place, 24 for second) and suddenly the whole weeked becomes a contest. If you poke around online you can probably find a place that can make you pretty stupid trophy for the whole thing.
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How about a Ferris Bueller type day. Put a bunch of borderline illegal, social challenging ideas in a hat, pull one out, and the whole group has to do it. IE: you all go up to the top floor of the Chicago library, bring music, and you all waltz to one song. Be sure to post it on YouTube/FaceBook. Then pull the next challenge out and have at it. They should be unforgetable things that you will all talk about when you are grandparents.
p.s. Let us know so we can follow along on your FaceBook page!
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You will blow through 12k very quickly with 25 dudes in Chicago if some of them think jail is a possible outcome.

You cannot control this weekend, you can only hope to contain it.
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I did a paintball thing for a bachelor party last year during the summer. I'm also going to play the Saturday after Thanksgiving and happen to live in Chicago.

Your best bet is to go to either Fox Paintball or Badlandz (where I'm going on the 27th). Haven't been to Fox but Badlandz is awesome. Unfortunately they are both a hike from the city at roughly 1.5hrs each way.

Be sure to book a private event and as wildcrdj noted, you will be sweaty as fuck and likely bruised. This last one is important for the groom-to-be so make sure you do it far enough in advance of the wedding day so that any visible head/body shots have time to let the swelling/bruises go away.

It will also likely be cold as hell--dress accordingly.
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Forgot CPX Sports...haven't been there either but their fields look badass.
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If you decide to go with paintball, one piece of advice: plan it for a day when the rest of the activities don't require a lot of energy. I planned a bachelor party for a friend, and after a day of paintball, all my cubicle commando friends wanted to do was lie down on the couch. It must have been a strange evening for the strippers who showed up later to a rousing chorus of "meh, do I really have to stand up now?"
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While not paintball, how about WhirlyBall? Part bumper cars, part lacrosse. With drinking in between. We had many a work outing at the one on Fullerton, and good times were had by most.
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"Dungeons" are more like clubs than brothels—they provide a place and an atmosphere for customers to interact with each other, not personal service. If you're looking for a dominatrix you can pay to beat the shit out of people, a dungeon is not where to go. "Pro-dommes" generally work independently. They're fairly common in the BDSM community, so any large city will have at least a few. Shouldn't be hard to find one using Google. Keep in mind, however, that they're used to private sessions where they can set/negotiate the terms. A bachelor's party is very, very different kind of atmosphere, so you might not get many takers.

Your best bet, if you're still interested in doing it, would be to find a stripper/performer that does a dominatrix act. They'd be more experienced with the group dynamic and with putting on a show, and no one who isn't seriously kinky would know the difference.
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see if any strippers would be interested in dressing sexy and playing paintball with you.
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and just to be clear, because that idea could go badly - I mean pay for their paintball, and pay them for their time - but treat them as friends while playing. If it's cold, dressing sexy could be russian spy-style or ski-bunny. Make it fun for them, is what I'm saying.
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"What if I could find a dungeon that would lend out its mistresses to beat the shit out of 20-30 dudes?"

Omg please do this! It'll be like acting out your own Hangover sequel.

I would book the house for sure and a cleaning service too for that matter. Preferably a house with wood floors. Oh yeah budget on the assumption that things will get broken. I would seriously put aside $500 just so you don't have to worry about it or play which drunken idiot's fault was it exactly.

Having a chauffeured bar crawl is really easy and likely to satisfy most of your stripper/drinking needs fairly easily. Hiring a party bus shouldn't be too hard and they aren't crazy expensive. You can also balance, and therefore, limit your stripper time by having it go to a couple strip clubs and then some sports bars. And if you do it Friday night, the boys might be adequately hung over that they would feel like a lower key rest of the weekend that you can fill with paintball, sports watching, and poker.

Also, for that price I would just buy your own poker set up. I feel like I've seen them at Costco and big Sports stores for a couple hundred bucks. Anyone that plays a decent amount of poker can play dealer. Just put on your own tournament and buy some extra chips.

I would not go hiring professional musicians. Even if theoretically you could hire one for 10k, by the time you took care of their expenses, you would be way over budget. Not to mention just the setup for them to perform.

I would make reservations the first night for everyone at a decent restaurant or maybe even a sports bar with good food. Then totally stock the house with tons of snacks, pre made sandwiches (costco is great for this), instant coffee, juice, soda, obviously masses of both beer and hard liquor, and then order in pizza or other take out for the rest of the weekend. Just go to costco and go nuts.
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If you're renting a house, budget for professionals to clean it up Monday morning. You don't want to take care of it yourself and you'll owe life debts to any friends you shanghai to help you. It's going to make it a lot easier to relax about chaperoning the debauchery.
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OK, tips on talent since no one else has really gone there. My wife (why yes, she is a saint) paid for (and knew all about the scheduled activities) for my 40th which was more like a bachelor party than a birthday party. My buddies took care of arranging the ladies in a most professional way. Here's what I learned:

First and most importantly, treat the women well. Have a nice area they can call their own (no boys allowed) for rest and costume changes general retreat. Have a lot of high quality finger food and nice things for them to drink (bottled water, sodas and vodka). Make sure they know that both the area and food and drinks are just for them.

Hire at least two girls who know each other; they will feel much safer and be more comfortable and can spell each other if needed.

Although most men think what they want is some subservient woman to grind for them, what they really want is a pretty girl to pay attention to them, to talk to them; the fact that they're in their sexy undies is just a bonus. Hire the girls for an extended period of time (less than 6 hours though) to just be pretty and talk to them and do whatever their standard show is (and they WILL have a standard show).

Have one non-substance-consuming man to act as a kind of unofficial "bouncer" to enforce good behavior. Make sure the girls know who he is. Set it up so there's no place to "slip away" to if the guys get the urge to do more than hang around.

Really, having women "perform" at these sorts of things can be very fun for everyone, but you have to make sure they are treated as professionals and provide lots of incentives for them, hence the food and drinks and private space and such. Both the ladies and the men would probably be perfectly happy watching sports with some nice flirtation included. Do that and you'll have lots of guys very happy that very pretty girls talked to them. Okay, and showed some skin too.

One final thing: if they do have some kind of show they usually put on of whatever variety, get $200 or so in singles and give each of the guys a handful to have them give to the girls while they perform.
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Or, if you're in a rural area, maybe you could do a thing where one guy throws a football, then another guy shoots that football with a rifle.

This sounds like a terrible idea. Bullets shot from a rifle can go a long, long way, which is exactly what they will do if you are shooting at flying footballs.

Smart people use 12-gauge shotguns for this (and smart people also know how much cheaper clay pigeons are than footballs). You'll still need access to the land, or to a skeet/trap range you can rent out, but this is a great way to spend the afternoon. Even if you need to buy a shotgun (you should be able to borrow or rent the gun; this is America after all, and even in Chicago guns are pretty common) you'll be out less than $300 plus the range rental.

However, be cautious about combining this with alcohol. Guns and alcohol go together very, very easily... which is why they can be a dangerous combination.
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Definitely try to rent an entire paintball field for the day/night if you go paintballing. It's a lot more fun when everyone knows each other and is on the same level. It's not as fun getting shot by strangers who go every weekend, have memorized the field, and own several thousand dollars worth of equipment.

Keep in mind that paintballing is a very "vigorous" sport. If you are playing correctly, you will be exhausted at the end, have welts/bruises, and want nothing more than a nap. Also something you don't want to do while hung over.

Please don't go to a firing range, or anything that involves real guns. It's a bachelor party, everyone wants to have fun. Guns require a certain level of experience and respect to be fun, and the consequences for mistakes are severe. At the best your large group will irritate the people who have to police the firing range, and make everyone else there nervous. If you go to "a rural area" and you don't know what you're doing, expect to be put in jail or prison for a long time.

Also, it's pretty boring after the "oooh, loud noises!" aspect is gone. Shooting guns accurately requires a lot more practice and effort than you think.
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A cheaper adjunct idea to the other awesome ideas: rent this place (an indoor field of trampolines). Trampolines themselves are pretty awesome. Know what would make it 1000% more awesome? Inviting some strippers to bounce, too.
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Response by poster: "Dungeons" are more like clubs than brothels—they provide a place and an atmosphere for customers to interact with each other, not personal service. If you're looking for a dominatrix you can pay to beat the shit out of people, a dungeon is not where to go. "Pro-dommes" generally work independently. They're fairly common in the BDSM community, so any large city will have at least a few. Shouldn't be hard to find one using Google. Keep in mind, however, that they're used to private sessions where they can set/negotiate the terms. A bachelor's party is very, very different kind of atmosphere, so you might not get many takers.

Good advice. Looking on google, I've found LOTS. The problem here is that most of them seem to work alone. If they are going to have a fighting chance against 25 guys, I'm thinking I'll need to get 7 maybe 8 of them so they can work together.

I'm wondering if the "pro-dommes" sub-question is more of "next week's metafilter question" since I know next to nothing about that culture. Glad I asked in advance.
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With 25 people involved, there's a high probability that at least one of them will get so out of control as to be a potential danger to themselves or others.

With that in mind, if you are going to include guns of any kind (including even just paintball guns) in this event, PLEASE schedule that part of the event as the very FIRST activity of the weekend, BEFORE the drinking or drug use starts, OK? Because sometimes people get so drunk that they wake up still drunk and/or start their day with a "hair of the dog" drink. Or once they start partying for the weekend, they stay high or drunk all weekend long. You don't want to mix that with weapons -- and even paintball guns can cause permanent damage if you get shot in the face without the proper safety gear.

In general, keeping in mind that people will be more drunk/high/hungover as the weekend progresses, you should schedule anything that the requires high energy/coordination or that could potentially cause injury or legal consequences early in the party, and schedule the activities that mostly involve sitting around for later in the party.
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Also, it's pretty boring after the "oooh, loud noises!" aspect is gone.

Only if you are shooting paper targets. Combine a 12-gauge with canned food, old pumpkins, jugs of water, or almost anything else that explodes satisfactorily, and I promise you that the fun times last. But follow Jacqueline's advice and do this before getting hammered, not when you feel like puking from your hangover.
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Sorry in advance, sort of: Have all of you people gone mad? 25 keyed-up guys, never mind alcohol, don't play well with guns. Bad idea. Badbadbadbadbad. A bit of joshing around, a bit of horseplay, and it's all "I didn't think it was loaded any more," and "I didn't realize I had my finger on the trigger." Seriously, for the love of Pete, don't let this group play with anything that has more whallop than a paintball gun.
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Response by poster: Just to calm everyone down, no guns.

Yeah, no worries, no guns. Paintball guns will be the hardest we go.

Also, where the hell do you so many of you live that firearms becomes traditional wedding fare? Metafilter: filled with english speaking nomadic tribesmen around the 40th parallel.

Thanks so much for all the suggestions so far.
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a piece of advice i've seen repeated often for the stripper question - on a morning you plan to be a little slow, hire topless masseuses - just massage - just back rub type stuff. it's sexy, it's relaxing, and it's not all keyed up and skeevy.
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If the groom is all about sports, you really need to get cheerleader gear (or better yet, hire an actual set of cheerleaders).

Regarding booze, assume worst case 2 days of heavy drinking @ ~ 12 drinks per * 25. That's 15 bottles of 40 oz hard liquor or 600 beer. I'd get 2/3 beer just to prevent problems with slugging back too much liquor at once. I'd get one quality bottle ($100) of whatever the groom really likes (scotch, gin, etc.) for show and midrange ($20-30) bottles of everything else (Johnny Walker, Smirnoff, Cazadores, etc.). It doesn't sound like this is a sipping party so getting quality booze for drunks would be a waste of money -- just get stuff that won't cause instant migraines. Add a few bottles of midrange wine for the winos, and that should placate everyone. You'll obviously have to skew the ratios for ages and likes of the attendees.
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They have topless maid services in my area...maybe consider hiring them for the last day.
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As someone with specific knowledge of the Chicago BDSM scene, let me reiterate that your hypothetical dungeon doesn't exist, and the area dungeons would be absolutely horrified if a bachelor party showed up. I doubt they'd let you in. Also, as a rule they do not serve alcohol. That said, I suppose you could go to EXIT nightclub, which is not a dungeon but has periodic fetish nights and bondage shows. I guess there's one tomorrow night if you want to check it out ahead of time.

I don't know that you want real pro-Dommes, either - surely escort services have women willing to wear thigh-highs and spank a dude, and they will cost far less. A responsible pro Domme isn't going to top a drunken guy, anyway.
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Response by poster: As someone with specific knowledge of the Chicago BDSM scene, let me reiterate that your hypothetical dungeon doesn't exist

As someone with BRAND NEW specific knowledge of the Chicago BDSM scene, let me tell you that dungeons do exist. I also realized how I'm such a tourist.

But yeah...they do...and it ain't some shitty club.

Thanks for all the help, mefis!
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