How do I learn to sing?
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I'd like to take singing lessons in Toronto. What is the best way to go about pursuing this interest?

I'd be doing this purely for my own edification, and I have absolutely no plans to perform publicly.
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A parent at our school teaches singing lessons, and donated some to our school for a fundraiser. With only that to recommend her, I'm glad to put you two in touch. She's in the East End (Leslieville) if that helps. At least you can communicate, and maybe learn more from her about what is entailed.
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You might try the Toronto Institute for the Enjoyment of Music on Queen West. They offer lessons in vocals as well as a bunch of instruments, and are willing to do one-offs. In other words, you could take a few lessons there, see if you enjoy it, and then either continue there, find an actual singing teacher, or learn that maybe you didn't want to after all.
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This person is amazing
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Oh, that link is to hire her to do voice for you, but if you contact her, she also does lessons last I recall.
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I've had a few teachers, and am a reasonably good singer (in that I can sing at a wedding without undue embarrassment).

IMVHO you should make sure that your teacher sings in a style that you would like to emulate. My biggest jumps in singing ability happened when I found a teacher who sang as I wanted to sing. My longest slumps were with teachers who couldn't sing the way I wanted to or couldn't sing at all.

As for singing teachers, asking community choir conductors (more affordable) or professional choir conductors (not quite as affordable) for recommendations can help.
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