custom transformer figurine
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Im a big transformer fan and i was wondering if anyone makes custom transformer toys ... optimally (lol) id like ones made out of metal but platic would do even a 3d model i could transform and make it do stuff would be fun maybe sit on my desktop on my pc and i dont mean repaints and newly made old toys i mean trans formers that i make up
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There's the concept of kitbashing, which is related. I know that there are people who create accessories for their transformers which are more in line with canon, but these are generally done at a pretty large-volume scale just because the costs associated with getting custom parts made is (from what I understand) relatively high for a one-off. If you already have a machine for this, or know somebody who does, this might be doable.
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The least expensive way to make a custom one-off is probably via 3D printing.

If you don't have CAD skills, paper models are reasonably easy to work with, once you've made a few from patterns you could probably figure out your own designs.
Optimus Prime (G1)
Megatron (G1)
Jetfire (G1)
Mixmaster (G1)
Bumblebee (Movie)

There's a pretty big community of Transformer modders, so much so that there's modder panels at Botcon every year:
This is one of my favorite mods: Convert Meantime into a real watch.
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Rolling Thunder Prime
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what i wanted is a metal set of dinobots that would transform into a big robot i have a whole fanfiction i wrote about em
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Frenzy Rumble is maybe the best custom Transformers maker I've seen. If you look through his portfolio, you'll even find a combiner made out of dinobots!
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that is sooo coool td strange !
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where the gheck do u see the dinobot gestalt ?
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