Can I still get Drambuie in the old style bottle in the US?
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I have a relative who enjoys Drambuie but absolutely hates the bottle redesign from last year. Is there anywhere in the US where I can still buy it in the old style bottle? Ideally somewhere in the area between Detroit, Michigan and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? I realize I can buy an empty bottle on eBay or what have you and present it as a "decanter" with a new bottle, but I'm hoping I can maybe find a place with a cache of the old style bottles.
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Your best bet is probably to call up liquor stores between Detroit and Pittsburgh until you find what you're looking for. I realize this is a pain in the ass, but it's also probably the best way of actually getting what you want.
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Response by poster: Yeah, probably. I was hoping there was maybe a trick I'd missed.
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The only trick could be that since liquor stores are state owned in PA, you might be able to call one in Pittsburgh and have them check the whole state to see if any are available. Though the online search on the Liquor Board's website does not specify bottle type.
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The old style is the narrow neck with the bowl-like bottom? The dark brown bottle? Binny's in Chicago still had some when we were there earlier this month, at least in the giant 1.75 size (they might have had it in the 750 as well, we just buy the big one). I know it's the opposite direction from Detroit, but they ship.
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