Outsourcing basic desktop support
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I'm looking for recommendations for outsourcing very basic desktop support to a call center for a mid-sized company. This would be approximately 50 calls per month, and we'd be able to supply a script for the ten or so issues we'd need to be handled (clearing browser cache, disabling pop up blockers, enabling cookies, etc). Phone support only, we already have an FAQ covering these topics.

This is actually for a client of the company I work for, our agreement with them doesn't include Tier I support but they are an association of small businessses without a central IT team. We're trying to find a way to help handle the calls they anticipate receiving from the Type A salespeople they want to have use our online service. We'd have the call center hand off anything outside the script to us for Tier II support. The call center would need to be available during US business hours only.

I've searched online to find some companies to call, but I'm looking for both suggestions of specific companies you may have experience with and advice on negotiating an agreement.
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Over a decade ago, a wee JulThumbscrew got her first IT job at a company called PC Helps Support, who did (and does) very much what you're looking for. I haven't been involved with the company in quite some time, but am kinda-sorta in touch with some former coworkers. While I HATED working for them (25% their strict management style, 75% me being a seventeen year-old dipshit), I had to admit even then that they were quite good at what they did. And the IT talent at that place WAS pretty stellar (they've been known as a sort of "launch pad" for bright-but-underemployed geeks' IT careers).
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Response by poster: Thanks julthumbscrew, I'll add them to the list to contact. For posterity, so far I've found that the going rate for this small of a need is about .95 - 1.00 per minute for US-based companies. The offshore companies I've called don't deal in volume this small.
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