Where are those photos?
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I swear in the last year of so I saw a post on the blue linking to a bunch of photos taken by some guy who awoke to find some drunk driver had blown thru his neightborhood and hit every possible car around. Anyone have the link. I cannot find it for the life of me. Thanks in advance.
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It's here.

Found like so: remember I sent the link to my sister, search through the .doc of our emails for "driv" until I find it (June 19th 2004), go to the metafilter archive for that month, CTRL+U, CTRL+F, CTRL+V the URL.
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Erk. And I had the wrong URL on the clipboard for that. Here for the thread; one of the people who backed it up for mirroring (the images were quite large) may still have it.
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It's here on a San Diego news station's website.
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The NBC photos are nice, but the original piece was much more impressive - high res photos following the trail of the destruction. Too bad it is gone now.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the links, but anyone have a better mirror. All the pages are down.

Note to people years down the road that read this post - email me if you cannot comment here. Thanks.
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