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In Germany, the film "Times Square" carries the subtitle "... ihr könnt uns alle 'mal!!" What does that mean?
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I would translate it as "Screw yourself" (You plural), "You can stuff it!" or "Bite me", depending on the context.
Unfortunately, the exact subtelities of a foreign language (in my case English), especially for curse words, are hard to translate.
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Best answer: It's a heavily elided phrase. The full form is usually something like ihr könnt uns alle mal am Arsch lecken, which loosely means "you can all kiss our asses." You can leave out the concrete insult (the am Arsch lecken bit, which can vary) and still get the point across.

I'd agree with mathemagician and say in this context (a movie poster slogan) it's probably best translated as something like "...and screw everybody else!"
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Yep, shot version for the famous invitation to "lick my ass".
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Best answer: Yeah, it's saying the equivalent of "you all can go ..."with the actual, uh, directive left to the imagination. Sort of like "why I oughtta ...", leaving out the actual action / obscenity.
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You can all kiss our ass!
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Actually the original (here missing, but essential) phrase in Goethe's play Götz von Berlichingen is im Arsche lecken
which is kind of, eh, more intrusive.
As paraphrased by Mozart.
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Response by poster: Ah, I get it now. Thanks all!
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