Burp burp.
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I have a difficulty burping which started several days ago and last night, it became worst and I ended up not being able to sleep until 3AM. What could be wrong? I still feel it- it is not really that painful but it is uncomfortable. I feel bloated at the same time, and I feel as if food are stuck in my throat or something and I feel like am being choked. I do not smoke, I drink very rarely. Please help me.
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I am not a doctor. Please call your physician's office if you have an unexplained, lasting pain in your chest or neck. I've had a similar feeling before and it turned out to be something like heartburn, but pain that seems to come from the esophagus can reflect more serious problems.
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Are you having trouble burping -- or being unable to burp? And thus feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

If it's the latter, there are over-the-counter remedies that can be quite effective, advertised as treating gas and/or relieving bloating. They may be capsules or chewable tablets. The strong ones may be too strong -- start with regular.
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Do you mean that you are burping too often, or feeling swollen up by gas and unable to burp?

Or do you mean that you are hiccupping?

Or both?

Have you tried an anti-gas medication, like simethicone, or even something like sodium bicarbonate in water (baking soda)?
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I have this under various circumstances, but I often find that laying on my side, particularly my left side, helps. Obviously you want to get itchecked out, but right this second you could try that and see if you get any relief.
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This has happened to me before thanks to gas/acid reflux. I took an antacid, and drank a seltzer quickly. It got that belch right out.
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Your doctor isn't going to be annoyed or think you're overreacting if you call about chest discomfort that's lasted several days. Especially since it's kept you up at night, please consult your physician.
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IANAD, but Mr deludingmyself had very similar issues, particularly with the "stuck in the throat" feeling, and he was diagnosed with GERD, which is basically just chronic acid reflux. You may get relief with basic antacids, but you'll also want to take a course of something like omeprazole (Prilosec) to get things under control more permanently.
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I am going to third/fourth the heartburn/acid reflux thing, but I'm ALSO going to second that heart troubles can strike out of nowhere (seriously, my 40-yr-old friend who competes in triathalons recently had a heart attack caused by something weird like heart nodules or something), so if this has been lasting for more than a few hours you should absolutely go to a doctor.
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NY Times seems to confirm that sleeping on your left side is beneficial for heartburn and acid reflux discomfort. I've also found relief in simethicone and a good swig of water before bed.
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Call your MD! At best it's something they can fix with a quick, called-in prescription, and at worst it's a heart attack- feeling like having a pill sort of stuck in your throat is how women often experience heart attacks.

Even if it's "just" acid reflux, I've heard that that can cause serious problems if you leave it untreated. I have a friend who has permanent lung problems because of not treating it, though I think his is an extreme case.

I'm not one to leap to an MD at any little thing, trust me. I HATE going to the doctor, but this is worth at least a phone call.
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Response by poster: I am having trouble burping. I can burp and it will give me relief but the feeling of being choked comes back after a while. Like I said, it gets worst when I try to go to sleep when I lay down. It is not actually painful, just making me feel uncomfortable, and to add, the feeling of restlessness last night. I had to walk here and there, go up and down the stairs just so I can burp. To add, I was bloated too. So I really have to be careful with foods I take in and make sure it won't upset my stomach some more. I am currently not taking any medications too.
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Oh, and sleep sitting up a bit. It'll help acid reflux, too. You should probably see a doctor, though. Chronic reflux can contribute to esophageal damage.
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Since you mention that you're feeling bloated, have you also become constipated, or are things otherwise moving, digestively speaking? Also, any nausea and/or loss of appetite?
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Response by poster: Yes I feel constipated but I definitely have not loss my appetite, and I do not experience nausea. I actually feel hungrier, but I am trying not to eat a lot as I might have regurgitation. I still feel bloated. What food are okay to eat? And what food are to avoid? Thank you.
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Well, for constipation, you want to make sure you're getting enough fiber (whole grains, fruits and vegetables, etc. -- but be careful not to overdo the fiber, if you don't usually eat it, because it can actually cause more gas) as well as staying hydrated with enough non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic fluids. Of course, you could also try a laxative -- Miralax, if it's available where you are, is pretty gentle.

For the bloating you might want to try an over-the-counter drug that contains simethicone, which can give relief from gas. But I agree with others that this combination of symptoms is definitely worth a call or trip to the doctor, as there are several things that could be causing it.
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I had a lot of those symptoms and was treated for the acid reflux type stuff, but for me it turned out to be gallbladder. If you're not having the typical pain in the upper part of your chest, that might not be it, but I'm throwing it out there since I still hate the fact that I went to the 3 different doctors for 2 years suffering like you are before someone mentioned gallbladder and took it out. Haven't had any problems since then.
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Have you ever done yoga? After about twenty minutes of yoga or bending stretches, I usually rip them out of both ends.
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IANAD, IANYD, etc., etc. Look. None of the people who have answered your question have the expertise to diagnose your problem. You cannot properly give us the information that is needed. You need to get an appointment with your doctor. You need to be seen face-to-face. You need to give a complete and proper medical history and then answer specific questions that arise out of the doctor's interpretation of that history and your symptoms. I can think of at least five things that might cause your symptoms ranging from the totally benign to extremely serious. This is not something that you should be trusting people whom you've never met and who have never met you to answer.

Call the doctor.
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While waiting for the doctor's appt. try some abdominal massage. I get the same burping problem occasionally and this almost always helps.
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Please make an appointment with your doctor if that's possible.

My partner had these symptoms because he had an esophageal stricture and, at one point, he did get food stuck in his throat. He had to have an emergency procedure done to remove it.

I am not saying you have that, but it sounds worse than normal heartburn to me (much worse than mine, at least) and I really think you should get it checked out.
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Go to the doctor!

IANAD but my SO is a gastroenterologist... the stories I have heard from him make me think that you should see someone as soon as you can.

Best of luck getting this sorted.
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I would get to a gastroenterologist ASAP. My problems going on 3.5 years started like this and now I am barely able to keep a meal down. I finally found a doctor to run the right tests and it is achalasia (and I have to have surgery). I will just be happy to eat again when it's done.
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