Can I fix my camera in time?
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Where can I get a new screen for my Canon Sd1000 digital camera? Is it possible to get one by next monday?

A while ago, the screen on my Canon Sd1000 broke. I'm going on a trip with my family next monday (the 22nd) and would like to fix it by then. I have a few questions:

(1) Where can I buy a broken Canon Sd1000 with the screen still intact? I've poked around in my broken one and it seems fairly easy to replace. I've been trolling eBay for the last month or so, and there are always last-minute bids on any promising ones; also, I think today's about the last day I could win one and get it shipped in time.

(2) Barring that, how do I find out what part number or whatever the screen is? It would be neat if I could see what other cameras share the same screen or even order the part by itself.

(3) Are there any brick-and-mortar stores that would be likely to carry either broken cameras or replacement screens? I'm in Chicago and could probably get anywhere around here.

Thanks for your help!

P.S. If any of you mefites have a broken one sitting around somewhere, it would rule if I could buy it from you.
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I bought a new replacement screen for mine on eBay here in the UK. There appear to be plenty in the US too.

Replacing the screen took about 15 minutes for me. Since then, using the flash makes the picture go weird (I think I messed up a little flap that blocks light from the flash) but I like the effect.
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Darntoothysam has the LCD screen itself in stock for $44 and is in MN. Not sure how quickly they can get it to you.
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Oh and from their site it looks like the LCD is exclusive to the SD1000 model only.
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Best answer: Call the Canon Parts Department at 732-521-7230. I just checked with them, and the SD1000 LCD screen is part #CM1-4131-000, and costs $18.40. Regular ground shipping is $6, 2nd day is $9, and overnight is $15.
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Response by poster: ah, Nonsteroidal Ant-Inflammatory Drug, that's awesome! thanks, everyone
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