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Looking for a special snowflake to-do/calendar type thing.

There are things on my to-do list that are recurring, but that don't need to be done every day or even every other day. I'd like something (either an app or website) that shows me how long ago I've done a task. For example, "2 days since you changed the kitty litter." "8 days since you've washed the sheets." "Five weeks since you mopped the kitchen." "3 months since you went for a run."

I can't be the only person searching for this motivation-by-guilt solution, right? Someone somewhere must have already created it. Where??
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Remember the milk has a feature where you can go into completed tasks and see when they were last completed.
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Best answer: I don't know if you have an iPhone/iPod but I randomly stumbled across an app that apparently does just this thing you are asking about: Time Flies.
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Response by poster: oh man, Time Flies looks perfect... but I have no iPhone :(. Web-based or Mac-compatible would be ideal.
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Remember the Milk lets you schedule tasks that repeat /however long/ after you complete them, rather than every /however long/ whether you complete them or not.

I have things like "Clean the bathroom" on "after 1 week", so when I clean the bathroom I complete the task and it goes away for a week, then it pops up and sits there with the new due date written on it so I can get progressively guiltier about the state of the bathroom.

If you wanted I guess you could make things "after 1 minute" even if you didn't really want to do them every minute. Then when you complete the task it would reappear almost immediately with today's date on. You'd just have to remember that the "due" date on each task was really the "last completed" date.
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Sciral Consistency is designed to do exactly this. Mac or Windows.
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Response by poster: Scrial Consistency technically is what I need, but the simplicity of Time Flies is really attractive.
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Best answer: I found an online solution! Daytum.com is for tracking lots of things (anything you want, really) and one of the things you can track is "Time since ...." There's a lot of other features that can easily be disabled if you only want the count-down display.
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