Decent priced cooked chicken breast in NYC?
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Decent priced cooked chicken breast in NYC?

Trying to get into shape this winter and the crux of my diet is hinging on chicken breast. I would cook it myself, but I'm currently in one of those comicly small New York City apartments and would rather just heat it up. Buying food in general in New York can be strange.

I want to buy enough for the week, any ideas?
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Dallas BBQ has great deals on roasted chickens.
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Trader Joes has precooked, individually-wrapped chicken breasts that are quite tasty.
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Lots of bodegas and delis sell chicken breast sandwiches, so you could just get the chicken and not the bread. You can also buy pre-packaged cooked chicken in most grocery stores.
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If you can be convinced to cook it yourself, Trader Joe's has chicken breast for about three bucks a pound, and chicken breast is very easy to either a) poach in a pot on the stove or b) cook on a foreman grill... My vote is poaching and then pulling. Great cold on salads, hot in soup, you name it.
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Don't know if they're convenient to you, but I've occasionally seen those cooked rotisserie chickens on crazy sale (like $2-3 per bird) at Boston Market. Cut off the breasts to eat, shred the rest of the meat for chicken salad or soup.

If you're super adventurous (I never am), use the carcass for stock, which can be frozen. Even if you do a small batch and just get a couple cups, it's good to make rice in, among other things.
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Chirping Chicken is awesome and cheap. Also, most supermarkets sell decent roast chicken.
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I get grilled chicken breasts from Fresh Direct.
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