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GiftFilter: I need ideas for a gift that will be bought on-line and reliably delivered to Manchester, UK by next week.

The lucky recipient, on the occasion of his glorious birthday, is a late 20s mechanical engineer currently pursuing a PhD in the beautiful city of Manchester, UK. Hobbies include fast cars, fast women, an international jet-setting lifestyle and the soul-crushing emptiness of academia. Not much of a geek or gamer, not really a cook.

Gifts in the past years have already covered the important areas of books, booze and loose cash, so I am turning to the hivemind for suggestions.

I need something that I will order on-line, preferably from a retailer in the UK to avoid cross-border hassles, and will be delivered by the middle of next week.

Assume a ball-park budget of 100 euros.
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There are supercar driving experiences that you can get for around that price.
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What about something from Paul Smith? - this scarf'd fend off the Mancunian chill - and this trilby is rather natty. Is he a cufflinks kind of guy? How about these?

And sorry if this is stating the bleedin' obvious, but I take it you've already trawled the major department stores' websites (Liberty, Selfridges, Harrods etc) for ideas? They'd definitely deliver in time for next week.
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On the "belt" theme, this belt (or one similar) went down very well with someone I know fitting your friend's description. Apparently it made a good talking point with the ladies.
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A little carry sack such as this was a hit with my traveller-type male friend. As long as it could be made in time, shipping would be speedy, as it's made in the UK (the black country).
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Response by poster: There are supercar driving experiences that you can get for around that price.

This sounds like a great idea. Do you have anything in particular to recommend/ stay away from?
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