Do you know this film about goblins/aliens?
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I'm trying to identify a scary TV programme/film I saw as a child with goblins/aliens. Possibly Australian.

My memory might have amended certain details over the years. I'll try to be clear on what I'm not sure about.

I would have seen this in the '80s. It was in colour, but I can't remember whether it was a television programme or film. My gut says film.

It was set in a remote, agricultural area, and I think it was possibly Australia, although I'm not sure on that at all. I don't think it was the States, but could be wrong.

A young girl is afraid of goblins/aliens. They are green and humanoid with quite featureless(?) faces. We repeatedly see her lying in bed and picturing the goblin hands with long dark-green fingers reaching in through the open window, or grasping the window sill. I think it is mostly clear that this is her imagination, but we still see the hands.

In one part of the film someone's father enters the kitchen and she sees him as a green goblin rushing forwards grasping at her and shoots him in the stomach with a shotgun (it's a farm). After that he is just a man lying on the floor bleeding. She's with another girl when this happens. Afterward the two are sitting out under a tree discussing what to do.

As far as I recall, the whole thing is shot in quite a slow, silent, art-house way. Although that might be a false memory. I don't think it was a kid's film at all. Too scary.

At the time it frightened the life out of me. Something recently brought the memories of it back and I was surprised by how clear these sequences were.
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Best answer: Is it Celia?
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Response by poster: Oh god, that's it. Well done. Thanks Sutekh.

I just re-traumatised myself watching the trailer for it on Youtube.

It looks like my brain had redrawn a lot of the scenes over the years. I was picturing it quite differently. Really makes one question how true seemingly clear childhood memories actually are.
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When I first saw the title, the first think that came to mind was the Quatermass films (Quatermass and the pit, Quatermass Experiment - one of them involved goblin-like creaures)
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