Stella-type modeling app for PC?
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Years ago, I had occasion to use a very cool, interactive, drag-and-drop, graphical modeling application for Macs called 'Stella.' It was good for non-coders, like myself, to model systems and learn about their interactions and regulatory mechanisms. Does Stella still exist? Is there a similar application for Windows PCs?
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A similar program is Vensim, which was recommended to me for use when I was a student in the Systems Dynamics distance earning program at MIT. Vensim has a reasonably full-featured version which is freeware for personal use and shareware for commercial use here.
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Thanks for the links. I did find the Stella downloads after I posted the question. I'll try the freeware option first...
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Hope no one minds me piggybacking. Any other straightfoward modeling software recommendations? I have used Rationale, and personally find it a bit much for what I do.
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