Help Me Make My Mom Cry Happy Tears
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Looking for an old children's book from the 1940's, about some kids who buy magic star-shaped cookies that, when thrown into the sky, provide a stairway to another world. Ring any bells?

My mom told me about this book from her childhood that she loved, and I thought it might be nice to try and track down an old copy for her for the holidays.

The only details I know other than what's listed above, is that the baker who baked the cookies was some sort of witch or warlock, and that buying the star-shaped cookies was something the little kids did every day as a treat. Throwing them out the window made them stick in the night sky, and triggered some sort of other-worldly entrance.

I might be getting details wrong since I'm getting this second-hand, but if anyone thinks this sounds familiar please chime in. My mom was born in 1947 so the children's book would have had to been published no later than 1956.

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Best answer: The original Mary Poppins. It's paper from gingerbread cookies iirc. Mary takes the kids with her visiting and the person she visits gives the cookies to the children.
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A mention of that bit here.

"In one, Mary takes the children to Mrs. Corry’s for gingerbread cookies, only to learn how the stars ended up in the sky."

Be prepared, the original Mary Poppins is no creampuff. I much prefer her to the modern version.
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Building off of L'Estrange Fruit, I think the scenario in the MP book is: one of the Pleiades somehow fell to earth and was having trouble getting back home, and I believe the scene took place in a shopping center.

And.. yeah... Mary is not to be trifled with.
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Response by poster: Thank you L'Estrange Fruit!! I just found an illustrated copy from 1937 that should be a close match to the one she had as a child.

I had no idea it was Mary Poppins-- Mom didn't remember anything about the kids' nanny, just the cookies. (We're a very cookie-centric family.)
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