How Can *I* Do This?
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How was this video made?

What's the software? How does the filmmaker get the 3-d look? Or make certain parts of the animation move while keeping the rest stationary?
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After Effects would let you do this, it will allow you to put 2D images into a 3D space. The depth of field blur can be generated by the virtual camera or blurring each element individually.
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It's all just like computerized layers of paper, spread apart or moved together, sliding side to side, and the software's "camera" moving the whole time. Think of a diorama. It's all storyboarded out beforehand, it's not chance or timing or acting that made that one dude come into focus at just the right time.
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Probably AfterEffects.

Video Copilot has some good tutorials to get you started.
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After effects uses something that get called 2.5d it's not "real" 3d. The world is 3d but objects only exist as a plane, they have no depth to themselves. The effect of depth can be created by cameras and lights animating.

Parallax creates the look of a 3d environment where objects closer to the viewer move faster than objects in the background. By placing the different layers at different distances from the camera and moving the camera around you get to feel the depth. There are other things that give the illusion of depth that can also be synthesized.

If you want to make something like this, think about creating a scene that has a few layers of depth, a fore ground, a middle ground and a back ground. Create each layer as a separate entity or as part of a layered photoshop file. Then learn After-effects.
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Christopher Koelle created the artwork. It was animated by Evan Parsons along with 'The Law of Few' (the link doesn't work and there doesn't seem to be much info online).
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Wow. And wow again. I thank everyone for this wealth of information! I really appreciate it!!!!
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