What to do with old box twin spring & twin mattress?
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What to do with old box twin spring & twin mattress?

I just purchased a new mattress and now have an old box spring and mattress that I need to get rid of. I would prefer to not donate them to the dumpster; anyone have any ideas on what to do with them?
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Freecycle, freecycle, freecycle.

Make them into a daybed.

Give them to some local kids who like to bounce.
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Used box springs and mattresses are now viewed with much more suspicion than they used to be, given the current increase in bedbug infestation. No prudent person would want to acquire a used mattress.

I have on occasion disassembled both mattresses and box springs. It's not particularly easy to do, and results in little useful material; the lumber content of the box spring is not likely to be of very high quality anyway, and the springs, although of good quality, don't really lend themselves to any project you are likely to want to do. If you want to build your own trampoline, the springs could be recycled. But it's not likely that you do.
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Usually, the done thing is to give them to a friend whose current bed is smaller than the one you're getting rid of, because a free bigger bed is an excellent thing indeed.

But you said this was a twin, so honestly your best bet is going to be to just toss it. Strangers will be shirty about it due to bedbugs.
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Response by poster: The bed is awful, hence the reason for replacement. I was thinking more along the lines of either turning it into some type of project or recycling it... the days of sleeping on the poor thing are long gone.
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Put it up on facebook as a freebie to a friend- people you already know are likelier to trust you when you say you've never had bedbugs.
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I'd list it for free on craigslist. We listed a really gross loveseat on there for free, pretty sure no one would take it off our hands. We had quite a bit of interest and the lady that ended up with it was getting it for her dog.
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Best answer: I had great luck using Freecycle for both obtaining and then passing off a decent mattress.

If you wanted to try to re-use the mattress or break it down into re-usable component parts here is a pretty thorough guide for taking it apart with some decent ideas for re-using the metal and fabric.

Re-nest also has a post of a used mattress that was turned into patio furniture.
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Response by poster: The link above gave me a great idea - turning the coils into a trellis for climbing plants. Thanks Mefites.
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It's always fun to take it outside for jumping purposes. Whether you have a 5-year-old or just want to act like one, it fits the bill...
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