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This weekend I bought a glockenspiel, specifically a bell lyre. I want to buy the strap that you use to march with it, but I don't know what it's called and my searches don't turn up much.

I found this one, but there is no picture so I can't be sure it's really what I need. What if the post of my glock doesn't fit into it? Mine is older, with a wooden post instead of a metal one.

The rest are straps that come WITH a glockenspiel, there's no separate purchase.

Is there a place online or in NYC I should look? Also, bonus search: The tassles or "plumes" that are meant to decorate the instrument. Where can I purchase separately? Or any good glock resources really.
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I don't know about anything in NYC, but I think what you're looking for is a "sling" or "belt harness".

Not sure if they ship internationally, but the last item here looks correct. This site (also in the UK) has both the sling and the tassels.
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Consider calling the director of a local high school marching band and asking for advice on where such a thing might be procured.
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Call or email the good folks at Northeast Band Supply.
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I found these which are for carrying flags. Might work.
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I can't find a specific bells-carrier, but I'd also recommend going to any local music stores that sell regular band instruments (i.e. not Guitar Center). Barring any luck there, what you're looking for is very similar to a flag harness.
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Also, please tell us when you're going to be marching with a glockenspiel, because I will travel any amount of distance to see/hear you!
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And just a note on the wooden post: The stamped ends at the top make it look to my eye like it's probably a modernish glock which someone gave an olde-tymey look by replacing the regular pipe with a broom handle or something. It's hard to tell without seeing the adjustment screw for the post. Also: the post length can be adjusted.

If you find a store, online or off, that has the glock accessories you're looking for, you might also look into getting new felt for under the bars.
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Yeah the instrument sounds great right now, but I definitely will be looking into replacing the felt, it's kind of ratty at the ends.

I have a really talented percussionist friend who has advised me thusfar on mallets and songbooks, I really appreciate the extra info from you all about this stuff.

Once I have the strap and learn a few songs, Sidhedevil, I'll be marching all the time. I will be sure to keep you in the loop.
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Don't get a flag harness, you'll ruin your stance and most of your spine. Those are designed for a lower carry, and they will just make you mad.

The good folks at Ammo and Co have everything you need, up to and including a leopardskin tunic for your regimental drummer. Don't be misled by their name; they are not a gun shop. Their catalogue is positive ceremonial martial porn, with all the pomp and circumstance a marching bell lyrist could desire. You need some fancy bell beating hats. Maybe the kind with the gold strap that hangs in front of your chin. You could even commission a personal embroidered felt hanger for your instrument, with matching tassels.

If you don't want to get too spendy with custom Commonwealth frippery or overseas shipping, try Drummer's World. They're on West 46th, and they carry Ludwig/Musser stuff -- I believe the Musser leather glock strap is part number M204 or M205, depending whether you want angelic white or spanky black.

I also advise hearing protection on your carry side, if you plan to play. Even a foam plug will do.
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