Can anybody recommend a UK web developer?
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I'm looking for a web developer in the UK, for a new startup business. I'm finding it surprisingly difficult to find appropriate companies - the site is fairly complex, and although both of the two companies we've found quoted us 10-15k for it (which seems reasonable), neither has much work of comparable complexity in their portfolio. Does the hive mind have any recommendations, either on where to find such a company, or of one with whom you've had a particularly good experience? It's one of the most important decisions we'll make, and it feels uncomfortable to be making it on no more than googling.
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When you say "fairly complex" what do you mean by that? Do you mean that it's complex in terms of site & page structure, content, or the different functional requirements? Or all three? Because each of these implies a different specialist. To be honest, I know it's always painful for people to hear, but websites cost a lot more than you think - in my experience £10 to 15k really isn't going to go very far at all, and what you're likely to get for that money is an agency or team without the specialists you need, who'll struggle with anything other than a simple content site. Often the first thing to go is a dedicated user experience architect, with the designer or project manager taking on that role. In terms of tech as well you can run into difficulties as the developers double up on specialisations. In the smallest teams one person could be the architect, designer and coder all in one, and while some people are undoubtably talented enough to work like that, on the whole something won't be up to scratch.
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Response by poster: Thanks iivix - that's very helpful.

For 'fairly complex', I was mainly referring to functional content - I'm a flash developer, so I'd be doing that part myself, and the developer's brief would be:

1) the database stuff - tracking scores, logins (as 'teacher' or 'student', paid or unpaid etc), game history etc.
2) the design stuff - I've given a page-by-page specification, but it's not specific as to layout. The site is around 25 pages.

Content we'll do ourselves, so we don't need someone for that at least.

Regarding pricing, I'm really very much in the dark in this area. My original thought went something like 'it'd be three months work for someone whose skills would command about 50k' but I'm increasingly realising that to do it well would require more than one person.
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Hi piato. I've sent you a MeMail with a possible contact.
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Hi piato. I've sent you a MeMail with a possible contact.

Me too.
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Response by poster: (Thanks to those sending messages - it's hugely appreciated)
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Me three
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Also remember that 3 months of contracting time from someone who skills would command about £50K is probably about £25K not £15K. Contracting means that all kinds of overhead has to get wrapped into the hourly rate that is otherwise taken for granted with salaries.
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My friend may be of use, I have sent you a PM accordingly.
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In addition to the personal recommendations from Mefites you might also like to check out the United Kingdom listings on Sortfolio and narrow your search down further by budget.
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