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Help me complete this bell hooks quote: "in the act of breaking bread, we call upon"

In the act of breaking bread, we call upon (the traditions?) ...

The difficulty is that she published a book called Breaking Bread in 1999, but the quote I'm looking for is pre-1993. Thanks for any help.
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Response by poster: Finally, I found it myself.

In evoking that sense of breaking bread, we call upon the various traditions of sharing that take place in domestic, secular, and sacred life where we come together to give of ourselves to one another fully, to nurture life, to renew our spirits, sustain our hope, and to make a lived politics of revolutionary struggle an ongoing practice.

It's interesting to me that I saw this in 1993 but it was published in 1999. Also, when I saw it there was either a period or an ellipsis after the word 'hope', completely changing the intended meaning of the quote.
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Curiously, when you answer your own question, the question remains in the "unanswered questions" category...until someone else comments on it. Anyway, glad your have the answer.
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Response by poster: Thanks for commenting then! ;)
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