Sturdy shoes for 7 year old twin boys?
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Shoe recommendations for active seven year old boys? Any parents out there have luck getting shoes to last long enough for your active boys to actually grow out of them?

I have 7 year old twins. They play basketball, soccer, football, and various loosely organized games that involve running at each other, running around each other, and collapsing. Their shoes seem to wear out very fast. They like light and comfortable running-type shoes, but those seem to wear out. Any suggestions on shoes that are both light, affordable (if they are 100 bucks, then I'll just replace every month and save money) and sturdy?
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Best answer: Do they only have one pair of everyday shoes each? One pair worn every day will give you fewer wears overall than a pair worn every other day. It's also frequently mentioned that wearing the same pair all the time isn't the best for you feet and legs (I can't cite anything, though).

Two shoes that immediately come to mind that will last longer than running shoes while giving similar performance and style for 7-year-old-boy-related activities are the Nike Dunk and Adidas Samba. They're both fairly low, so lateral movement won't be an issue, and they both usually come with an all-leather upper, for better durability than mesh.
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Disclosure: I'm a shoe salesman, and I frequently work in the kids department, so I'm coming at this question from a salesman's perspective.
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If you buy them at Sears and are a member of the Kidvantage Club, they'll replace anything (clothes or shoes) that wear out before your kids outgrow them. They sell Adidas, Reeboks, and Converse, among others.
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New Balance. You don't say what size. If adult, I would go with the 574, for kids sizes maybe the 993. I have always found New Balance to be the most resilient of the light running shoe variety, and they are very comfortable and supportive.
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What about Toms? Only $38 bucks a pop for these...

My friends have worn their Toms into the ground for at least 6 months, and they are ridiculously active human beings.
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NB: You'll need to save your receipt in order to use the Sears Kidvantage replacement program.
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If you are around an REI or other place that offers a 100% guarantee, use it. I have small kid-size feet and I often buy my everyday and running shoes from the kids' section at REI or better yet, from their outlet if they've got anything. They have a 100% guarantee and easy look-up without receipt if you are a member, and in the rare event that my Keens or Merrells (both quite sturdy and ridiculously light, maybe not as light as you like) fall apart earlier than I think is fair, I have been able to return or exchange with no problems at all. I mean, it is the kind of easy retail interaction that leaves you stunned and baffled afterward because you can't believe how non-painful it was.
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*ridiculously COMFORTABLE, oops
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Land's End also offers free replacements of any item of clothing and shoes that your kids destroy before they outgrow. If you get on the e-mail list you can take advantage of all the sales and free shipping opportunities. You can get a foot sizing template and order them right off the website.
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Best answer: Converse All-Stars. I've been wearing them since I was a kid and the average pair lasted at least until I had to move up a size. Even in high school I had a pair that lasted through two seasons of track as well as fencing. The pair I'm wearing now I bought in college about four years ago and has lasted through numerous pick-up rugby games, hiking and general city living wear and tear (including Snowpacolypse and Snowmageddon).

Not bad for forty-five dollar canvas and rubber shoes.
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Best answer: I work with 5-8 year old boys. Several of them wear this brand, which seem to be pretty sturdy, have good traction for running, and last awhile. I'm not sure if they're as light as you're looking for, or if velcro is your/their thing. I will say that the velcro is super velcro-ey, which is a big plus (harder to accidentally come undone while running/playing/etc.).
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