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Just moved, got to my new apartment, only to find movers lost one piece of this end table (Target link) - namely one of the plastic feet. I have everything else. Any way to get/buy a single plastic foot for the table? Ideas? I couldn't even discern the manufacturer from the Target website.
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Have you tried calling Target's Customer Service and asking if they can help by either getting you another foot or if they can give you the manufacturer info so you can get a foot from them?
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Home Depot / Lowes sells all kinds of those kinds of parts. If they don't have the exact one you need they will almost surely have a set of something you can use as a replacement.
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Sugru? If all else fails, anyway.
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Figuring out the manufacturer on items like this can be a pain - this looks like it's a Target house-brand item, so the manufacturer is anybody's guess. I'd call their customer service.
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OK from looking at sugru's website, that looks like your best bet. Never heard of the stuff before but now I'm very intrigued!
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Response by poster: Thanks all - seems like this is something I just need to do the footwork on. We'll see what Target has to say; I hope their customer service line is better than average.
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Most furniture feet are stock items - it rarely pays to manufacture custom feet, when a variety of off-the-shelf items are available for this easily-ignored part of the design.

Home Depot & Lowes carry selections. Also try McMaster-Carr.
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Sorry, posted too soon. You will need to match the size/joining type - 10-24 screw thread, or just "fits snug on a 3/4" OD pipe"... it might be easier to replace all feet to match some new, acceptable type, than to find the exact match to your incomplete set.
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If you can't find anything, get a short length of wooden dowel and paint it to match. If the leg is hollow, just whittle the dowel end so that it plugs into the leg. Position that foot at the rear of the table and it should be undetectable.
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