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What line of clothing in North America has two olive branches set almost horizontally as their logo?

I've seen this a couple of times on sweaters and zip-ups on the streets and I assume it's a line targeted to a younger market. It's driving my curiosity insane trying to figure out what company makes this line of clothing. Roughly, the logo looks like the symbol for the UN, minus the globe, and a much simplified olive branch arrangemnet. There's no text and it comes in various colors.
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Fred Perry?
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To elaborate, from the Fred Perry Wikipedia entry:

"Clothing of the brand named for him became popular with skinheads, mods, and other youth sub-cultures. It is best known for the laurel logo on the left breast of polo-style shirts. It was, however, popular with non-skinhead types long before that word was ever invented. In the mid-1950s and through the early 1960s the best tennis shirts on the market, for male players at least, were the Fred Perry brand. The laurel logo on the shirt was stitched into the fabric, rather than being merely being ironed on, as the Cochet crocodile was on competing shirts."
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Bingo bcwinters, thanks for answering a month long little nagging question. My curiosity thanks you. As a follow-up, are there any other lines with a similar logo?
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I did a google search to try and find similar logos/lines and stumbled upon a skinhead forum discussing good ways to get cheaper Fred Perry knockoffs from Korea.

I don't really want to link to it, but YIKES, that was bizarre!
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I find it rather comical that skinheads are worried about their designer labels. I must be a geek or something, I simply couldn't care less.
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