Help a super picky new iPad-owner pick out an iPad sleeve.
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I need some protection for my iPad - but I am super picky and indecisive. Overly specific details inside.

So I just ordered an iPad and now I'm looking around for some protection for it. I have spent a long time browsing through cases, but haven't found anything perfect yet, so I was hoping you had some awesome suggestions.

I'm pretty sure that I want to get a stand - I'm thinking the compass stand, but I'm also open to suggestions on this front. And then a separate sleeve that's just used for transportation.

A few specifications of what I'd like:

1) It should be as slim and second-skin as possible. Soft and not hard.
2) I'm planning on using the iPad without protection, so no shells.
3) I've considered just using something like invisibleShield, but I had it on my old iPhone and I thought it got a little cruddy after a few months. Should I reconsider this - was I just bad at putting it on? Is it too little protection for an iPad when it's transported in a regular bag?
4) It should be pretty. I know this is very subjective, but to me it means it should look well-made and minimalistic. I don't want anything that looks home-made, therefore probably no Etsy.

Examples of some sleeves that I like the look of: Tape Cork sleeve (this is what I'm leaning towards), SFBags Suede Jacket (afraid it'll be too little protection)
COTEetCIEL Diver sleeve (a little too boring), and iSkin Duo in clear (no screen protection).
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I have a Belkin Envelope for my iPad and love it. Even better it has enough room at the top to clip my pop sketch stylus onto the case.
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gah, that should say pogo sketch
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I use a Freitag sleeve.


- very slim, tight fighting, light
- good grip to it (won't slide out of your hand)
- one end is open so if you want to leave it in the sleeve to charge you can
- lined inside with soft material
- easy to remove device due to pull-strap


- None really--though it doesn't provide protection if you drop the iPad.

As for the aesthetics, it'll depend on the day. The designs are unique--truly one of a kind, and change every 48 hours or so. I had to go back once a day for about a week before I found one I love. I have many Freitag bags/sleeves but the iPad is probably my favorite.
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Rickshaw has a lot of customization options, so you may want to check them out. My friend has one and I like it more than the iPad itself!
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