Will getting off yaz bring acne back?
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Weekly genital herpes outbreak. It's possible it's related to b/c pill - but if i get off, will I get my acne back?

I got my first outbreak on early October, and since then til now(11/12) I had 4 outbreaks. First one was pretty bad but all other outbreaks were mild... And Now I'm getting another one!

After some researching on the internet, I found some people who have had herpes outbreak every week while on certain birth control pill.
I've been on Yaz for a year, and I think I want to test the theory out and get off the pill.
But my worst fear is, will my acne come back?
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I think the only way to really know is to try it and see, and not necessarily listen to a bunch of anecdotes on the internet (like the one I am about to share!), but do be aware that it can take some time to figure out what "normal" is going to be for you.

I just stopped taking Yaz about 3 months ago after being on first Yasmin for a couple years and then Yaz for about a year. At first I didn't notice any change in acne at all, then I suddenly had REALLY bad acne for a few weeks which almost made me get back on the pill, but now it has sort of leveled off to a pretty manageable level. It seems like I can now expect some acne around my period but it's much, much better than it was.
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It's possible it's related to the pill - although it's more common to just get outbreaks on your placebo week.

Have you talked to your doctor about an anti-viral like Valtrex or Famvir? You can take them daily to suppress outbreaks - I think both are available generic now. They can cause a bit of nausea when you first take them if you take a high dosage (to treat an outbreak) but other than that side effects are minimal.
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My ex took acyclovir (generic Zovirax) daily for herpes suppression - she got it through Planned Parenthood for the cost of donation. She was also on the Pill, but I don't know which one. I don't know if the two were related, but the twomedications weren't contraindicated.
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