Do I still not believe in love?
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In a first season episode of This American Life's TV show called My Way we meet a 14 year old boy who coolly and calmly rejects the notion of love. Seeing as this was filmed ~4 years ago, I am curious to know if any media outlet has circled back with this boy (now a young man) to see if his perspective has changed?
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youtube comment says yes: "Haha I go to school with this kid, it's hilarious because he fell in love I think two years after this xD" (most recent comment from 3 weeks ago)

not very trustworthy though.
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Best answer: Well - I can't speak to specific media outlets following up, but about two years ago the wife and I went to see Ira Glass speak about the nature of storytelling at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton, MA (where that segment was actually filmed.) He played that specific piece to the audience and immediately after it was finished and the lights came back up, he noted - rather dryly - that the 14 year old boy (who had just turned 17) was actually in the audience that night... with his girlfriend.
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Hah! Rewind beat me to it. I was at that same show in Northampton, and was going to relay the same information.
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Response by poster: TAL itself recently posted definitively on this subject.
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