Will snow damage a wool blend jacket?
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Will snow/rain damage this jacket? It is 70% wool, 30% polyester. My research tells me no, but since I've never owned anything that's wool or dry clean only, I'd like reassurance.
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Link didn't work for me, but wool is a perfect fabric for snow and damp. It keeps you warm even when it gets wet (unlike cotton, for example).
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I have a similar Spiewak coat. It's lasted about three years in the rain and the snow without suffering much damage.
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It will be fine. People have worn wool coats in the rain for thousands of years — sheep, even longer. You need hot water and/or prolonged soaking to shrink or change the texture of wool.
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The "dry clean only" tag is to prevent you from shrinking and felting the thing. Brushing dirt off and sponging muck out should be fine; the worst snow and rain might do is soak through and make you smell like wet wool.
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nth the "safe in the rain" previous answers. Wool thrives in the wet, but you might not like the particular smell of wet wool. It could be hand washed (without any sort of agitation that could felt your coat even with cold water), but you would have to shape it without stretching it. Dry cleaning is easier.
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Snow and rain will not damage a wool or wool blend jacket, but it could increase the risk of wool pilling.
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Thank you all.
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