Books on the North African compaign
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Can anyone recommend good books covering the North African campaign of the Second World War?

I am looking at buying some books covering the North African campaign for a relative. Googling and searching previous Asks has turned up An Army At Dawn and perhaps The Desert War, and I may end up getting both, however I am really looking for something with less of a US slant than the first, and perhaps less bias and more historical accuracy than the second. Possibly with a focus on the role of Australian troops, but this certainly isn't essential.

The relative I am buying for is a WW2 buff with extensive knowledge of other areas of the war, but limited reading on this theatre.

Books currently in stock at Amazon would be great, thank you all in advance.
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One of my favourite poets, Sorley MacLean, served in the 51st Highland Division (known as the 'Highway Decorators' as they left their distinctive 'HD' regimental symbol painted wherever the passed) who fought in the North African campaign then up through Sicily (immortalised by Hamish Henderson, another veteran of the Highland Division, in one of the great folk songs of the war. His Elegies for the Dead in Cyrenaica is amazing and deeply human war poetry too) and the Italian mainland. Patrick Delaforce wrote a book about them, and I see there's been a more recent telling of their story too. Not exactly an Australian focus but then not a US slant either.
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