What is this comic that I read?
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I read a volume of a comic/manga when I was younger. Please help me find it.

I only ever read the first volume, so I don't really know how the plot goes. There's this person running for President, and he requests that his campaign be covered by a specific reporter. It turns out this reporter is the guy's illegitimate child.

For some reason, I want to think that the guy running is ethnically Asian, but I could be wrong at this point.

Also, at once point, two men that are running against each other sit down at a restaurant and have a casual debate of some sort, messing with the shakers as they talk. When the debate's over, it's revealed that they were playing some sort of compact game of chess with the shakers, and that it ended in stalemate.

Sound familiar to anybody?
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Eagle: The Making of an Asian-American President. Five volumes in total, although I know it's also been published in smaller increments.
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That's it, bettafish! Thank you!
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