Can you help me find some quality masculine-looking letterpress stationary?
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I want to get some personal stationary to use for letters, thank you notes and the like. I like the feel and quality of good letterpress stationary. But while there's a lot of stuff out there, I'm having a hard time finding any letterpress stationary that looks both masculine and a little understated. Can you recommend some place where I might be able to find some stationary that would fit my tastes as I've described them?

Bonus points for recommendations for either online shops or stores in the two areas of Massachusetts I visit most (Brookline/Boston and the Pioneer Valley).
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Searching for "stationery" would help you find more stuff (I say this not as a snark).

Also, Bob Slate's in Cambridge is a great place to get stationery.
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N.B. You can presume that I'm competent to surf the web, even on the days when my spelling is imperfect.
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There's a huge variety of really great letterpress stationary on Have you tried looking there?
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There are about a thousand letterpress printers on, any of whom could probably produce something you'd like. My wife is a letterpress printer, for that matter. She's on press even as I type this.

If you order something custom, order a lot. Most of the work in letterpress printing is in the setup, which is the same if you order 20 pieces or 2000.
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I'm also aware of Etsy, but my surfing there has lead to a sort of paralysis when faced with so many options. Moreover, what I've seen for letterpress stationery in my search so far looks too feminine and/or too whimsical for me. And click-through browsing of the many many many relevant pages eventually gets too tedious to continue.

Maybe a rephrase is in order here: Could someone recommend a particular shop on Etsy, out of the thousands of vendors on that site, with off-the-shelf options that might fit my needs? If so, well, that'd be exactly what I'm looking for.
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Though I'm interested to learn what specific Etsy shops others may recommend, I came here to vouch for Crane & Co.'s understated and masculine styles.
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Boston/Brookline have a lot of stationery shops.

Papyrus might have something you may like, but I have a feeling their selection might be to feminine. But their stores carry Crane products. which are pretty nice and not usually whimsical. You could just check out Crane online.

Also, yes, Bob Slate.

Also Paper Source on Boylston. They do custom stationery.
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Seconding Crane's classic style and wonderful paper selection.
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Bob Slate also carries Crane products. I am a big Bob Slate fangirl, obviously.
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Massachusetts, the home of Crane and large chunks of American papermaking history, is not short of stationers. Something as simple as bordered in dark blue or green with your name in letterspaced 50s-style sans caps (Crane's "Hanna" script, for example) hits the masculine/serious/understated mark for me, and it's something you should be able to get replicated in letterpress for less than Crane prices.

So I think the best plan is to have something in mind, get hands on with paper, then find a friendly letterpress stationer.
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I concur that you want Crane's stationery - classic and classy.
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When you say personal, do you want it personalized with your name? Or are you looking to pick up a bunch off the shelf?

This tree and this saw are kind of masculine!

afavorite on Etsy has some nice designs and I'm sure would do a personalized run.

LettucePress has some clean (and some funny) designs.

Is YeeHaw too outlandish?

Hammerpress always has some bright&crazy designs and some more restrained and cool.

Papered Together has some gorgeous work, much of it I'd consider to be masculine and modern.

I love this Correspondence Portfolio including the Telegram Notes. Their field notes are nice too.

The ichthyo series is gender-neutral.

These masculine cards look gorgeous but a tad expensive; perhaps they will be good as inspiration when talking to an Etsy letterpress!

Apparently Old Tom Foolery originated as a masculine, non-girly letterpress. They have some nice options.

And perhaps the best of the lot, the Forgetful Gentleman Letterpress Correspondence System! You don't have to buy that whole set, but it's a nice start! Their linen cards are also nice and simple.
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Nthing Bob Slate. Even if you do end up buying something online, you should go check them out for their delicious pen selection alone; support the local business and all that good stuff.

As for etsy: Custom Letterpress Stationery.
The same shop has this bee option. I love bees, they symbolize hard work, intelligence, dilligence, and appreciation of beauty, without being particularly gendered in any way.
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Try Lunalux. Check out the website and blog, but they will work with you. They are in Minneapolis but will be happy to work with you by phone and email. Here are some examples.
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Good question, barnone. When I say "personal" I didn't intend to mean "personalized." I simply meant suitable for personal -- rather than professional -- correspondence.

Lots of good ideas here, thanks!
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Also, so far I've a clearer idea of what I'm not looking for than what I am looking for. So examples like barnone's and Mizu's have been much appreciated.
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Starshaped press
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I'm a fan of Kate's Paperie for stationery needs. Sorry there's no physical location near you, unless you count the internet.
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So, for those of you interested in the outcome, I'm still considering getting some personalized press stationary after the holidays. In the meantime, I picked up a couple of boxes of this set from Enormous Champion out of Brooklyn. It's an assortment of prints of whales, and it seemed simple and fitting enough for the meantime.
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