Need urban-style men's jacket for not-quite-freezing weather.
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Where can I find a good-looking, 'urban'-i'm-going-out kind of men's jacket that will keep me warm down to around 40ish F?

One with a badass zip-out liner that could double as a hip-looking zip-up sweater/fleece thing would be even better. While I no longer live in New York, every time I go up there in the winter to visit, I always end up either freezing outside (unless I wear a bunch of layers which I then have to strip off), or, baking because the stuff I'm wearing on the outside fries me as soon as I'm in the subway or well, just about any building with the heat cranked up.

The last couple times I brought an old leather jacket I have, that's usually fine down to about 50ish degrees if I wear a fleece thing underneath, and I have owned ski jackets that worked for this in the past but in those cases I weary of looking like I'm going out to hit the K12 with the guys in Hot Tub Time Machine.

Naturally I've browsed over places like REI & LL Bean again, but there's really nothing like what I'm looking for there.

Waterproof would also be good, just in case.

Thanks a bunch, MeFiters!
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nau offers exactly this in high-quality with an attempt at social and environmental responsibility in manufacture.
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I've wondered this a lot about brick and mortar places, so as to try on the jackets before purchasing. I'll be watching this thread with interest.
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Tons of Patagonia coats are warm and not poofy.
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How about an MA-1?

It's the warmest garment I own, looks badass in black.
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Best answer: The lining on this one is a zip out vest.

Marmot has several with full zip out liners that are a second jacket.

But man, it's hard to find jackets with zip-out liners that don't look like you're about to scale Everest.

If you can live without the liner, check Patagonia, Columbia, or Outdoor Research.
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JCrew has some nice ones right now, and you can get Thinsulate in some of the styles.
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This vest is cool (for under your coat). Uncrate has a bunch of clothing reviews/links - browse a bit in the archives and you'll find some good sources.

Lots of swoon-worthy coats from Need Supply too. Not sure about the zip-up lining, but damn. Great sweaters too.

Nordstrom has a bunch of nice coats too. Some have removable lining or vests.
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My Patagonia-working SO says:

- men's Battersea Down
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Or a Better Sweater if it isn't windy.
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Response by poster: A couple of the Marmot ones are pretty decent looking for ones with multi-layers. Yeah k8t, I've already got an LL bean parka just like that sitting in my closet, although it's kind of a light tan. I can never wear it around here because if the temperature ever gets ABOVE freezing, I start to sweat in it.

I wish the nau folks had a few more things to choose from, those look pretty cool.
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