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Soft Floors - are there any reasons not to use those interlocking foam squares as a floor covering?

Instead of carpet, cork, vinyl, etc.

Seems like it'd be cheaper, easier to fix, softer, etc.

Are there any disadvantages? (other than maybe being called tacky)
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Best answer: I know an artist who used large black ones on a concrete floor in his loft. It looked great as it was in a high tech looking kitchen. It did not have the puzzle edge on the outside, and floated like an area rug.
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Best answer: They are kind of porous, so I could see them staining easily and holding on to smells. I wouldn't do it if you have kids or pets.
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Best answer: We use them as flooring in our unfinished basement and they work well enough. They aren't as incredibly easy to clean as you'd think, grit gets stuck in between the cracks. They are super-comfortable to walk on, however.
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Best answer: We had those in our basement too and stuff falling between the cracks is the main issue-- liquid falling between the cracks even worse. The advantage is you can pull them all up and wash them in the tub and put them back over the concrete you've also washed, but at that point it's more work than vinyl. They're great for pretend martial arts though!
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Best answer: We used this as a safety floor in the basement when the kids were younger. It is a bit of a nuisance to clean but taking it apart and using a long-handle brush in the shower makes the job go quickly.

If you have pets (esp. dogs) don't let one sleep on or near them; the mats in our dogs' sleep area have almost bit the biscuit after one year. I'm guessing this is due to the natural instinct to 'scratch up' some bedding (or possibly them just being puppies.)
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Best answer: They are a hassle to clean but very nice to walk on. One Step Ahead has faux wood patterned ones and offers wavy border edges.
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Best answer: If you have cats they will scratch it up like there's no tomorrow.
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Best answer: Beware: They are insanely and dangerously slippery when wet. Something to keep in mind if you'll ever walk on them with wet or sweaty feet, or if they're in a place that might take frequent spills, like a kitchen.
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Best answer: I can't imagine walking on them in high heels.
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Best answer: We too have them on the basement floors. They are awesome comfortable to walk on but basement stuff such as laundry lint and sawdust is awful to try to vacuum up. YMMV. Good luck!
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Best answer: They get visibly dirty easily and are difficult to clean.
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Best answer: I tried these in my office but had a problem with my swivel office chair on castors. The castors sank into the foam and it was nearly impossible to push the chair away from the desk when I wanted to get up. Hugely annoying.
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Best answer: +1 hard to clean but nice to walk on
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Best answer: We used an industrial strength version in our barn- they last a really long time and are firmer than the cheap kiddie ones, but naturally more expensive.
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Best answer: My boss has some, and they pop up at the edges and stop interlocking so well.
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