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Is there any particularly Russian shout of celebration? Like "hooray!" or "hurrah!", but more Russian?
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Best answer: My friends often said "ура!" (urá) when they were celebrating or happy about something.
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Best answer: From Wikipedia:

The Russian Army battle cry had traditionally been "Ourrah!"/"Ura!" ('Ура', pronounced "oo-RAH," equivalent to "Hurrah!"). Another war cry used by Soviet soldiers during the Second World War, was "Za Rodinu! Za Stalina!", meaning "For Motherland! For Stalin!" Before the revolution soldiers yelled "For religion, king and Motherland". The Russian's are thought to have started the usage of Ura/Oo-rah/Oorah

That's what I heard as the equivalent growing up.
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Whoops. Overpaste. Just that first part about "Ura!/Ура!"
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Best answer: ура, said "Oohr-aah".
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Best answer: Stress on the second syllable, uRAH!
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Best answer: Yep, nthing. If you want to make it particularly emphatic, roll the "r." (Urrrrraaaa!)
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Response by poster: Great stuff. Urrrrraaaa! it is. Thanks all!
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