Embed-friendly websites?
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Websites with embed facilities: is there a good list or repository of these somewhere?

I love websites that let you create (or upload) cool things that you can then embed directly into your own site with their supplied slab of code. Some of the more obvious ones are YouTube, Flickr, Slideshare, Google Maps/Calender/Books/etc – but I'm keen to track down some lesser-known and more creative ones (Prezi, for example, is fantastic).

There are *a lot* out there of course – is there a list anywhere? Or a blog that's dedicated to hunting them down? The closest I've found is ProgrammableWeb but that's more focused on APIs.
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That's a tricky one, in part because it's actually pretty easy to make your own embed code. There must be tons of websites that do this.

I'm trying it out it right now with comics I create. Using the Textpattern CMS I can just sculpt my own little embed code and make it automatically display beneath the comic.
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