Converting tags to lowercase
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What is a quick and easy way to convert all my tags from CamelCase to lowercase? Googling only turned up a python script, which I know nothing about.
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Perhaps you could email Joshua or post to delicious discuss. I assume it would be simple enough for Joshua to just run a database query on your record.
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WTF is CamelCase? Is that the same as upper case?
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No, CamelCase is when you uppercase words in a composite word.

Like the C's in CamelCase or the M and F in MetaFilter.
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Also known as InterCapped for internal capitalization. CamelCase is straight outta wikis.
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Thanks. I just learned something. My father set type by hand. He literally used to grab small letters from the lower (wooden) case and capital letters from the upper (wooden) case and then set them.
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"CamelCase" is.
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The way my brain works, I think I just always assumed that camel case was a term originated by Perl hackers, because they have a camel on the front cover of their book. But maybe it's because words look like they have a hump in the middle.
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I've not really heard the term CamelCase until relatively recently. I went looking in Google Groups and the earliest reference I found is 1996 First edition of "Learning Perl," aka "The Camel Book," is 1991, so that might be the derivation, of course from what I can tell CamelCase isn't really classic Perl style.

I knew it long hand as "Smalltalk style capitalization" and shorthand as "InterCaps," which shows up in Google Groups as early as 1991.

I was going to say that I think it probably came out of Xerox PARC, and lo, the Wikipedia thinks so too.

Um, sorry, no idea how to tweak the tags.
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I'm happy to have started such an interesting conversation. In the meantime I changed a lot of them manually, it will just take a few more days of off and on work.
posted by corpse at 8:35 PM on April 1, 2005 has its own API, including a call to rename tags. It would be pretty trivial to put together a shell script that makes a call to the API for each of your tags... I leave that for you to do, though. :)
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Do you have a lot of different tags? Becuase it's easy to just rename single tags with this interface:
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<pedant> Learning Perl is the Llama Book, Programming Perl is the Camel Book </pedant>
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Use this link to skin Then, there is a search and replace option. Once you've skinned, click on settings, then tags, then the option to replace tag names is right there.
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