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Seattleite, headed to Vancouver, BC this weekend. Help me and wifey do something different.

We've been to Vancouver a half dozen or so times and looking to locals and travelers to assist in shaking up our 3-day weekend in Vancouver.

Staying at a hotel in Yaletown. Want to be able to walk (or short cab ride) to any spots we visit (though we DO have a car and would be willing to drive somewhere crazy awesome. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being 'mad touristy' and 5 being 'mad hipster') we're looking for a 3.5-4.5.

- A free experience (view, walk, neighborhood?)
- A paid experience (concert, play, sporting event this weekend?)
- A bar
- Clothing shops
- Restaurant (any kind will do)
- A donut or cupcake or etc. shop
- A random suggestion
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Ok. Come see the new Waldorf hotel. It just opened after some renovations and is hosting live events regularly. Featuring a beautiful 1950s Tiki Room with an all-analog sound system. Also this weekend it's hosting a vintage clothing fair during the day. And it has a great restaurant. Pretty much everything on your list in one place.

There is an awesome gelato place not far from the Waldorf called La Casa Gelato which features about 250 flavors. It's like a carnival inside. One of my favourite places. You can sample as many as you want before buying.

Here are some shows and events this weekend:
- Safe amp fundraiser (several very small local bands)
- No more strangers, weekly DJ night featuring live bands, this week a roller derby fundraiser
- Guided by Robots (Guided by Voices cover band)
- Taboo Revue Burlesque show - Friday and Saturday night
- Art auction at Little Mountain Gallery
- Stuff at Blim - this is a DIY craft space/market, they're hosting a few workshops and evening concerts this weekend.
- The Memory Festival, an artsy thing at the Roundhouse in Yaletown

That should get you started...
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There's always Granville Island.
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For restaurants within walking distance of Yaletown I would recommend:\

- Twisted Fork. they have a pretty imaginative bartender and good food.
- The Templeton for a hip diner verging on the 5 end of the hipster scale.
- La Brasserie for some good, rich, Franco-German food. They have a pretty good selection of German beers as well.
Raincity Grill for some excellent local food. If you decide to try this, head to Grooster for an excellent deal on their six course 100 mile tasting menu.

For shopping, head to Gastown which is Vancouver's (fairly) new hip shopping neighbourhood. There are a couple of stores there which remind me of Blackbird in Ballard.
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Thread hijack! Vancouverites, check out the proposed meetup happening in a few weeks...
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Chinatown. Dim sum. Oh, how I miss the food in Vancouver.
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Seconding La Casa Gelato!
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The only cupcake place I know of is Cupcake on Denman Street. Cookies by George is nearby too.
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Another Seattleite here. On the restaurant front, Vij's and its sister restaurant Rangoli, serve Indian food that's an order of magnitude better than anything you can get in the Seattle area. Vij's has a fancier atmosphere, more menu choices, and larger portions. Rangoli is more casual, and both have incredibly tasty food. Definitely worth a drive.

You should also consider going to the food court at the Crystal Mall in Burnaby. There are dozens of tiny Asian restaurants serving regional specialties like soup dumplings and fantastic handmade noodles. Again, there's really no place like this in Seattle.
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So how was your trip? update us!

oh you're anon. ask the mods to update us?
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