Frosting a clear light bulb?
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Is it possible to spray something on clear light bulbs to make them frosty and not make them dangerous?

I foolishly bought a lot of clear small pendant light bulbs for dangling fixtures over my kitchen island. The bottom of the bulb is in direct line with my eyes which blinds me. I can't return the bulbs nor can I find the frosty ones any more. Any ideas?
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Best answer: Yep- there is frosted spray paint for just this purpose. At any hardware store.
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Response by poster: Thanks Eicats! I never even considered that. I bet those diabolical bulb makers got together and invented this stuff, then pulled the frosted ones from the market and put the clear ones on sale. I'm only half joking.
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You can buy glass etching cream at an art supply store. Instead of adding a new layer on top, it eats into the glass so the surface looks frosted. This would probably be safer than spray paint, which might emit fumes or burn off when the light bulb heats up.
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Response by poster: Embrangled? Wouldn't that affect the integrity of the glass? If not, that's also a great solution.
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Response by poster: I'm concerned that if the bulb explodes my eyes would be in direct line of fire.
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I'd just go with the spray paint eicats mentioned. Since it's actually made for the purpose you describe, it shouldn't have a fume problem or burn off.
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In my experience, glass etching cream degrades only a thin layer - when you etch a pattern, the etched parts feel rougher but not appreciably lower than the non-etched parts. But I suppose it could be a problem if the bulb is made of very thin glass. My concern about glass frosting paint is that it's made for frosting windows; I wouldn't put it on a heat source like a light bulb unless the label explicitly says it's safe to do so.
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Clear tool dip in a spray can will frost the glass and make a rubberized coating over the bulb. If the bulb shatters the pieces of glass are held together and kept from flying into your just made bowl of coleslaw for the potluck.
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