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Could someone recommend a psychologist for couples' counselling in Toronto?

We are are a couple in our 30s experiencing problems and looking for someone to talk to. It would need to be a registered psychologist for me to take advantage of insurance benefits I have from my job. Central Toronto location, accessible by subway, would be easiest. If anyone has had good experiences with someone, and could pass on a recommendation, I'd be grateful.
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I see this thread is kinda slow, so even though I lack any personal advice I'd say see if your insurance provider has a list of people they'll cover. Maybe it doesn't work like that in Canada, but it's common practice in the states. You may just have to shop around a bit before you find someone you're both comfortable with. Good luck.
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Response by poster: Thank you ShadePlant for the tip (and for having mercy on my thread's orphanhood).
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