Vegetable friend for my underground lair
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What's a good plant for a small basement home office with a small basement-style window?

I live in upstate New York, and the temperature in this room is usually 65-70F in the cold months, up to 80 or so in the summer. There's not a lot of fresh air this time year, or direct sunlight ever, but there is a little light from the window and occasionally the overhead lights are on. I produce plenty of carbon dioxide.
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Spider plant. Yessss. First.
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Maybe mother-in-law's tongue? Mine has gone from very little indirect light to being outside in daylight all summer with no apparent problems, and can go for months without water somehow. I also have some gorgeous rex begonias that actually dislike direct sunlight. They are both pretty common in garden centers, nurseries, and even grocery stores, I believe.
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Almost all philodendrons and many ferns (particularly if your basement is on the humid side).
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oh, uh - do you have any cats? They tend to find houseplants irresistible and some of them are sort of toxic to cats.
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Seconding the rex begonia suggestion. Keep water off their leaves, water them at the base. Some will even give you little white flowers in low light and they stay fairly compact.
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So far, all have been good suggestions, I would particularly recommend the spider plant or a Japanese Peace Lily, since both are particularly good at filtering air.
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Zanzibar Gem - nice shiny green leaves, don't water it very often, apparently good at converting bad office air into nice stuff. An organisation I work with has had one in a windowless office for several months, and it is very happy, putting up new shoots etc.
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Seconding pothos as long as you don't have any pets that might eat it. I have an office pothos that gets almost no light and does great.
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I do have two cats. They are mostly not in the basement, though, and I could probably put the plant in an inaccessible spot.
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I have had a peace lily for 8 years and a pothos for 3. Both thrive on neglect and dim indirect light.
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I also have cats. I believe the peace lilies are unsafe for cats, yet strangely attractive to them. Otherwise a good suggestion.
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Thanks everyone! I am strangely attracted to Pothos now.
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