Cool stuff in NYC this weekend
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Looking for suggestions of interesting things going on in NYC this weekend: exhibitions, openings, theater?

Mojowife and I are visiting the mojodaughter. Anything happening that's flying under the radar of the Times or the New Yorker? I know, You're Not Our Critical Judgment. Don't worry about that.
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Nonsense NYC is the big "underground" list; art openings, concerts, benefit parties, etc. I can forward you the last one if you'd like.

The Village Voice and the New York Press tend to pick up the general interest stuff that the New York and the Times miss. All this stuff skews younger, but there's definitely kid-friendly stuff (I have no idea how old y'all are.)
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It might help if you explained why the listings in Time Out, the NYT and the NYer aren't cutting the mustard.
The skint is always a good place to look for quirky doings.
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No idea if this has pinged on your radar already, but The Chocolate Show is absolutely worth going to if it's relevant to your interests. I've had a fantastic time when I've gone in the past, and I'm bummed that I have to miss it this year.
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A supercool day is to see some galleries in Chelsea and then walk the high line down to the West Village for lunch. Also, I loved the Baldessari show at the Met.
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BETA Spaces!
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You want Time Out New York.

Nonsense is cool, but it's a newsletter: you have to subscribe, wait till Friday to get the first email, then remember to unsubscribe if you don't go to New York very often. It's also mostly loft parties and burlesque reviews and things that, while I'd be thrilled if my parents wanted to do that stuff with me, aren't typically parent-friendly events. They're also often deep in industrial parts of Brooklyn.

Definitely check The Skint.
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CL: There's nothing wrong with what's listed in the Times or New Yorker. But I don't need AskMe's help reading them. I'd forgotten about Time Out, and the Skint and Nonsense were new to me.

I really like the Chelsea/High Line idea.
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I will be attending the International Quidditch World Cup on Sunday, but it is being held all weekend.
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The FINY (Free in New York) Yahoo! Group sometimes posts events as well.
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For Chelsea, go to One Art World.

They have openings, shows, galleries, closings, you can create a custom map of galleries.

It's how I do Chelsea, and I live here.
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There's the Margaret Mead Film & Video Festival up at the AMNH, which I fully admit to only recommending because a friend of mine's film is being featured. and also because it is my favourite museum in NYC.
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Sorry, that's the American Museum of Natural History.
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New York mag's Agenda.
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