What are the most contested paintings out there?
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Based on authenticity, what are the most contested paintings in museums today?

I'm currently reading a book about forgeries and oil paintings, and I was wondering if anyone had a list of some of the most famous paintings which experts still cannot agree on their authenticity or not.

Thanks for any help. Feel free to add a short explanation of a painting if it's super interesting (please keep in mind though that I'm curious about paintings where its provenance/authenticity is in doubt, and not genuine forgeries).
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The Polish Rider by "Rembrandt".
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Wikipedia has a rather short list
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The film Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? is about contested authenticity.
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*Adds "genuine forgeries" to oxymoron collection*

The Rembrandt Research Project
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Here's another:

Saint Praxedis.
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Hmm..this is one of my wife's hobbies. After talking with her I am pretty sure about 1/4 of the paintings in any gallery are badly attributed.

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